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2008 - 2009
Fall 2008
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Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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StorySometimes, honesty is the best policy. Toradora! takes what seems to be a typical anime conceit--two mismatched friends trying to help each other win love in high school--and plays it straight. The final product combines ensemble comedy, drama, and romance with pretty visuals, creating a touching and believable shounen romance. Toradora! tells the story of Ryuuji and Taiga's friendship. The domestic, level-headed Ryuuji has fallen for the vivacious and optimistic Kushieda Minori, childhood friend to Aisaka Taiga. The tsundere Taiga, meanwhile, crushes on Ryuuji's upbeat buddy, Yuusaku. When Taiga and Ryuuji discover their coinciding interests, they form a friendship around gaining the affections of each other's friend. In the beginning, the series uses this alliance between Ryuuji and Taiga to establish a lively dynamic between five friends--Taiga, Ryuuji, Yuusaku, Minori, and Ami--that achieves a perfect equilibrium of comedy, animosity, and friendship. Just as in real life, however, the accumulation of events small and large changes the characters, and comedy gives way to drama. Toradora! executes its drama with the same integrity and directness that it put into the comedy moments in the earlier part of the season, but occasionally falls short of the mark. Unfortunately, the writing and direction managed to somehow bungle what should have been Taiga's pivotal moment in the Xmas episode, and the execution of her final decision in the story left something to be desired. But that aside, every major emotional moment save the one mentioned above touched me in a way I hadn't expected, including one of the best kiss scenes I've ever seen in any visual medium ever.AnimationJ.C. Staff dropped the ball a little on consistency as some scenes appear rough around the edges. But the occasional quality blips won't stick in anyone's mind, since Toradora! also delivers some moments of genuine beauty. The character designs on the whole are simple but attractive, and each each character's animation helps to communicate his or her personality: Ryuuji's slumped posture, Minori's exuberance, and Ami's haughty cool can be read equally well from their body language as from their dialogue. Far and away, the most visual sugar gets sprinkled on Aisaka Taiga; whether she be sleeping, toweling her hair, or using a doughnut as a halo, she looks fantastic.SoundThe extremely personal character drama demands a competent voice cast and Toradora!'s proves more than equal to the challenge. Each of the multifaceted leads requires exceptional attention to detail and sensitivity to character development, but three performances stand out in my mind. Aisaka Taiga is arguably the most complex tsundere lead attempted by Kugimiya Rie and the "Queen of Tsundere" expertly brings her character to life. Kugimiya navigates both the comedic set pieces of the series' first half and the later dramatic portions with equal skill. Horie Yui delivers the layered and effervescent Minori with perfect timing and energy, deftly transitioning from genki girl into neurotic semi-breakdown and back again. Lastly, Ryuuji's mother, Yasuko, gets an expert reading by Ohara Sayaka who ably shows both the childish and motherly sides of her character when called for by the script. Of the pitch-perfect score, the first OP, "Pre-Parade" deserves special mention. Kugimiya Rie performs what I consider to be a spot-on tsundere J-Pop tune. The pattersong in the bridge gets stuck in my head for days despite my inability to sing along with it.CharactersWhile none of these characters achieves a "perfect 10", the core group does come darn close to the mark. All five main characters develop in stellar fashion by making foolish mistakes for real reasons and then trying hard to deal with the consequences. Taiga, while a textbook tsundere, doesn't show Shana's (Shakugan no Shana) simple-mindedness or Nagi's (Hayate no Gotoku!) penchant for delusion. Instead, Toradora! features a female lead with a difficult (not troubled) past who wants desperately to love and be loved. Ryuuji isn't the typical doormat-tsundere-sidekick either. He struggles with an overprotective, indulgent (and self-indulgent) mother and wants only to bring happiness to those he cares about, regardless of the cost to his own well-being. Minori, far from the typical genki girl she appears to be, covers a boatload of neurosis with willpower and attitude. While the Minori-Ryuuji-Taiga triangle forms the heart of Toradora!'s central plot, the two remaining group members, Yuusaku and Ami, complete the picture. Kitamura goes through his own personal ordeal midway through the series, showing a surprising amount of balls and undergoing an almost hysterically typical rebellion before regaining his footing and becoming simply some of the best comic relief in any series I've ever seen (and is as a result the only male anime character I prefer to see shirtless). Finally, Ami who all but withdraws from the group in the second half of the series, grows into the adult she never expected to become, demanding honesty from her friends and closure for herself in one of the most rewarding micro-scenes I've witnessed.OverallThe people I've seen talk about Toradora! tend to get fixated on either half of the show, which is a horrible mistake. Taken as a whole, this work's honesty and humor paints a picture of high school romance and heartbreak that rings true. The loving, detailed visuals, laid back atmosphere and modest scope make the series a perfect introduction to the romance genre and a standout anime in its own right. No matter how angry it makes me at one moment, the next scene or episode has me singing its praises. In short, Toradora! is a lot like it's subject matter: In turns hilarious, rambling, confused, charming, and foolish, but ultimately a worthwhile and heartwarming experience.


Toradora is a 25 episode romantic, comedy (slice-of-life style) anime, based upon the light novels written by Takemiya Yuyuko. Many years ago I tried the first episode and put it aside to watch later. Now I finally get around to watching it, it felt like a recipe for disaster. Due to tsundere and a high-school setting, which have a record of lacklustre romantic plots. Reading the novels left me enraged, last I felt like that were the Zero no Tsukaima novels and unfortunately it has some things in common with this anime. The hope for this anime was if it went a different direction from the original material. While I have been a bit harsh on anime based upon novels, the unique position of this anime provides it an advantage. At the time of starting to write this review, I’m currently on the last novel and can say without a doubt that this anime can’t be completely representative of the novels, since the anime started airing while the penultimate novel was being written. I will admit, the novel gave me some feels, but these were mostly negative feelings of hate and rage at the characters. So please take into consideration my low expectations when reading this review. I’ll also admit my bias against ecchi, fan-service and pointless perverted BS. Animation Animation quality is surprisingly decent, I watched it in 720p and its okay for a 2008 anime. Sure at times the detail may be low, but that is actually due to the style. The animation is rather fluid, which is surprising at times given the sudden changes in detail and quality to a lesser extent. And what a wonderful style it has. It’s very bright and colourful, the scenes look very energetic and brimming with cartoony goodness. While the overall character designs might seem partially familiar, I’m slightly shocked at how unique the characters were made to look. They get very creative with the art style and facial expressions, it really helps to accentuate the comedic effect of certain scenes. And yes, at times details are very low, but this simplification is on purpose, usually for a hilarious effect. I will admit that that the character designs are based upon the illustrations for the original novels drawn by Yasu (artists pen-name). Finally the obligatory section on fan-service. I’ll be honest, I had low expectations in this respect but I was pleasantly surprised to see reduced lack of ecchi and pointless fan-service. Sure some of the characters are designed to be sexy (Yasuko) and there’s the occasional weird scene such as Ami dressing up as a sexy dominatrix, that’s fairly acceptable for a bit of flavour. But they thankfully haven’t falling down the trap of whoring those characters out. Granted, the original material didn’t have too much in terms of fan-service, especially since the writer is (was) a middle-aged female, so it’s staying true to that. At times it may just start to creep in (the goddamn token swimming pool episode), but nowhere near enough for it to get annoying or off-putting. Though I was damn annoyed by the trope fuss made by Taiga about breast size, considering the writer, perhaps Japanese women are actually very conscious of bust size? I think between this and the colourful aesthetic, this anime is almost family-friendly. There’s some fairly weird stuff involving Yasuko and stalkers, one of her ‘patrons’ from work admits to feeling her up. That would have crossed the line were it to actually be shown, except this time the freaky old dude felt up Ryuuji’s ass instead. That whole sketch wasn’t present in the novel and is definitely a negative. Sound The intro and outro music have one major issue… the vocals. Granted this could be chalked up to personal taste, but the singing was done by folk who were actually the (Japanese) voice actors for major roles of this anime. Unfortunately this also included Rie Kugimiya (see below). VAs doing songs hasn’t always been bad, Kensho Ono did one of the outros to Kuroko no Basuke (he voiced the main character) and it was awesome (I even have his music). Perhaps it’s due to my intolerance of high-pitched screechy lyrics. Otherwise, the instrumental versions of the tracks are good. Things get much better in the anime itself, the background soundtrack have great variety and are utilised very well. The right themes appear at the right times and enhance the scenes mood and help set the right tones. The voice acting is where things go downhill. This anime is available in English and Japanese and without even finding out or watching the Japanese version, I knew that Rie Kugimiya voiced Aisaka Taiga. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t touch the Japanese version of this anime with a 20-ft barge pole, I can’t stand Kugimiya’s voice, especially in this sort of role which developed my dislike for the voice in the first place. This is a personal feeling, so I understand the likely lack of empathy I may get from readers. But I loathed her voice in roles of bitchy tsundere characters like Louise in Zero no Tsukaima. I will admit that Taiga’s English voice really didn’t suit her so well either, but it was the lesser of two evils. Other characters voices were casted much more appropriately. The English dub was actually rather comforting and helped alleviate a few annoyances, perhaps it was due to effort put into casting, we have some new unused voices mixed in with a few known ones. The language does get a bit harsh, I noticed Taiga using the word bitch a lot. Ryuji Takasu is voiced by Erik Kimerer, whose only other real role in anime is Haruyuki Arita in Accel World. Taiga Aisaka is voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris, her handful of roles include Ritsu Tainaka in K-On and Leafa/Suguha Kirikiya in Sword Art Online. Minori Kushieda is voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos, the recognisable voice of Squid Girl in the anime of the same name, Azusa Nakano in K-On and a few minor roles in anime I’ve yet to watch. Yuusaku Kitamura was instantly recognised to have the voice of Johnny Yong Bosch, famed for both Lelouche Lamperouge in Code Geass and Itsuki Koizumi in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, he also voiced Claude in the Darker then Black OVA, Renton Thurston in Eureka Seven, Ryuunosuke Uryuu in Fate Zero, Michael Garrett in GunXSword, Yu Narukami in Persona 4 Animation, Rossui Adai in Gurren Lagann and Haruto Sakaki in Witch Hunter Robin. Ami Kawashima is voiced by Erika Harlacher, who has had minor roles in a few anime. Yasuko Takasu/Nanako Kashii is voiced by Karen Strassman, the voice of Kallen Stadtfeld in Code Geass, Rider in Fate Stay Night, Striker in Gargantia the Verdurous Planet, Miyuki Takara in Lucky Star (similar style to this anime and better), Nanako Dojima in Persona 4 Animation, and Kiyoh Bachika in Gurren Lagann. Maya Kihara is voiced by Mela Lee, known for the voices of Rin Tohsaka in the Fate series and Rena Ryuugu in Higurashi. Sumira Kano is voiced by Wendee Lee, the famed voice of Konata Izumi in Lucky Star and Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as Ciel in Lunar Legend Tsukihime and Miha Karasuma. Hisamitsu Noto and Kouji Haruta are respectively voiced by Jason Baker and Brian Beacock. A good mix of known and lesser known voices. Characters The characters were what annoyed me the most in this anime. I must add that three of the main characters are too similar to characters in another terrible ‘romance’ anime I watched (i.e. there was no romance). I hated the cast, since this story was a character driven story and the only things the characters were driving were their incompetence. Ami turned out to be the saving grace. (hold your horses cos this section is as biased as a bribed man!) The male lead: Takasu Ryuiji, 17 year-old high school buy and the scary looking bastard son of a missing mobster. Right off the bat, the first thing we discover is that this guy is tormented by his Sanpaku eyes inherited from his father, which make him look like a scary delinquent. The funny thing is, this guy is anything but. He’s a person so nice that he can’t even stick up for his own damn self. He’s a bit of a housewife, he loves to cook, clean and do chores. In fact he’s also OCD about cleanliness, being environmentally friendly and saving pennies. The latter is due to the precarious financial situation. Here’s a rough quote from the book about him: “Though he looks scary, he isn’t capable of having the guts of talking to the girl he fancies, he can’t get angry with anyone, he can’t hurt anyone, he’s actually a considerate person.” He’s a big softy, and unfortunately falls into the trope of being too cowardly to ask out Kushieda, who he has a crush one and he also falls into the trope of accepting abuse and suffering from the trope tsundere bitch. He’s a bit blind as to what Taiga thinks, though she doesn’t make it any easier for him. Kitamura is his best friend, but he’s also good friends with Haruta and Noto. He lives with his mother and their pet parrot Inko. Taiga Aisaka AKA the Palmtop Tiger, 17 year old high-school girl and the trope bitchy, violent, small-statured tsundere. This bitch is the single most annoying character in this anime, and the biggest reason why the books were so painful to read in the first place. I hate this character trope, with a passion. I’m sorry for letting my opinion get carried away, but back on track. A similar rough quote from the book: “Taiga looks like a fairly normal, but is actually a cruel girl who treats people like dogs, so nervous upon seeing her crush that she can’t speak, impossibly clumsy, always hungry. An extremely peculiar girl always causing trouble for people and giving them a headache. Though her face is small, her complexion is fair, her large and nearly transparent eyes glitter with stars everytime she blinks and even though her face was small, it was hardly child-like.” Besides being a horribly abusive tsundere, she has a crush on Kitamura who she once rejected herself (too late now!) and Minori is pretty much her only friend. She doesn’t get along with Ami, Kano and a whole lot of other characters. She lives on her own as she never got along with her rich parents after their divorce. She lives in the neighbouring building to Ryuiji and always eats at his place. She is rarely honest with her true feelings and tends to violently hide them, hence being a tsundere. Yasuko Takasu is Ryuji’s 33 year-old irresponsible mother and an airhead slut. Yes 33 years-old, in her freshman year of high-school, this dumb bitch managed to get impregnated (willingly might I add) by a Yakuza thug. She ran away from home to give birth to her son at the age of 16 and raise him on her own. The father was a typical scumbag and disappeared, apparently he went missing and could possibly be dead. No spoilers, but he never appears in the entirety of the canon (probably dead then). She has a curvaceous figure, she’s always had massive boobs as evidenced from a pregnancy picture where her man is groping her. She works at a hostess bar, she might as well be a stripper since she spends most of her income on clothes and accessories for work and booze. As a result, the mother-son family is kinda poor and lives cheap. She always comes home drunk and sleeps throughout the day. She never does the housework and relies on her son for everything. She has no shame, wearing lingerie in front of her son and anyone who comes to visit and letting patrons of her workplace grope her. She is over-protective and unreasonable with her son, she won’t let him get a part-time job or any work and intends for him to go to university even though she cannot afford it. This may be due to regrets about her ruining her own life and not getting on with her parents, she is possibly trying to live her dreams through her son. This section is too long but here’s another book quote about Yasuko: “From the very beginning Ryuuij’s world consisted solely of Yasuko, who became a mother at too young an age, left the safety of her boat to float aimlessly by herself in the darkened sea. Ryuji hang onto Yasuko, trying to look for salvation in the never-ending waves that life threw at them. If he let go, then it would all be over, he feared being alone. But as Ryuji grew up he gained confidence… He will swim away, find a safe boat by his own ability and pull Yasuko aboard. Ryuuji didn’t know where to go, he wanted to swim by himself, he wanted to stand on the ‘correct’ side as opposed so as to win over the ‘incorrect’ Yasuko. Yuusaku Kitamura, affectionately nicknamed Maruo by some is Ryuuji’s best friend and classmate and the perfect guy. Well he excels at most things. He is a well behaved boy, the class representative, a member of the school council and even a member of the boy’s baseball team. He wears glasses and is smart, but is also attractive and physical fit. As a result he is popular with the girls, particularly Maya. He is nice to all and gets along with everyone, he understand that Ryuuji is actually a nice guy and tries to do his best for others. He also seems to be frequently naked at times… showing off his hot bod I guess. He fell in love with Taiga when he first joined high school, he even asked her out but got rejected. Since then he has moved on and sees that Ryuuji seems to get along well with her, he even supports his friend in what he thought was a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, he seems to be oblivious that Taiga is infatuated with him. All that said, Kitamura is his own person and has moved on, he isn’t perfect and as folks will find out, is a complex person with his own troubles and worries. Minori Kushieda is Taiga’s best friend, classmate and a baffling wierdo. Affectionately called Minorin by Taiga, this girl is energetic and always happy. She’s always on the move, she is part of the girls’ softball (AKA baseball) team and works multiple jobs for apparently no reason (yeah right…). She often sings campy songs, quotes obscure references and makes weird faces, she’s like a child in some respects. Her older brother got accepted into a scholarship for baseball and she doesn’t seem to get along with him. Otherwise, Minori loves Taiga and is very protective of her, she is even willing to throw away her own desires for her friend. And here’s is what annoys me the most about this character, not only is she oblivious toward Ryuuji’s feelings for her, if anything happens, she is willing to act as if it never happened. She is stubborn in her desire to ignore things like how Taiga is really a horrible individual and any advances the shy Ryuuji makes towards her. She doesn’t like telling people her true feelings, hiding it behind smiles and strange antics. Later on Ami is the only one to notice this and falls out with her because of how horrible she is being to people. Ami Kawashima is the two-faced, popular girl in class, a two-faced celebrity model and also the one character who seems to make some sense. She has moved into town due to stalker issues, the stalker freaks her out that she’ll jump into Ryuuji’s arms in genuine fear. She is an arrogant and vain individual, she likes to look her best in order to gain attention and popularity. But she has an alternate personality, her true personality. Only shown to people she doesn’t really like, such as Taiga, she is a mean and cruel girl. But unlike Taiga, she’s more reasonable with it. Surprisingly, while she doesn’t get along too well with Ryuuji in the book, she gets along very well with him here. It was vague there, but here it’s obvious that she likes him, what with all the flirting. Ami is rather knowledgeable and can figure things out very fast and thus she will often be voicing the viewers concerns later on in the anime when characters are being dumb. She will start fights and try and push things in the right direction, ask the questions that need to be asked and so forth. What seemed to be an uninteresting character ends up being the most important, especially concerning plot progression. Sumire Kano is a third year girl, who is the student council president, the one everyone looks up to like a big brother (even though she’s a girl). She’s pretty strict and harsh, but does well by the students and is popular among them. She’s probably the smartest individual in school, as is evidenced by the popularity of her revision notes for the prize in the school festival beauty contest. She wants to have fun in her last year of being the president, incidentally she was the one who recruited Kitamura to the student council after his confession to Taiga fell short back in first year. Kano is the archetypal senpai, whose attention is craved by Kitamure: ‘notice me senpai’ is very much applicable here. But of course, she has her own part in the plot… otherwise why would I have so much to say about a secondary character? The friends feature a bit less in the anime, but Ryuuji’s classmates are the long-haired Kouji Haruta and the boy with the glasses (besides Kitamura) Hisamitsu Noto. Haruta is the more pervy of the two and Noto seems to be a bit too concerned about Maya’s affections towards Kitamura. Speaking of the devil, the group known as the bishoujo trio (i.e. the hot girls) includes Ami and her friends Maya Kihara and Nanako Kashii. Maya Kihara obviously has a crush on Kitamura, but of course like every character in this anime she won’t confess her feelings. Story For the most part this seems to be the typical cringe-worthy attempt at a high school romance. Taiga finds out that Ryuuji fancies her best friend and Ryuuji discovers that Taiga has feelings for his best mate, so the two work together in order to get their loves realised. The comedy aspect is there, but I sure didn’t laugh every time Taiga did something abusive to Ryuuji, which I think might have been for comic relief. It had the opposite effect and ended up making me hate the characters for letting this shit happen. Minori is a more wildcard attempt at the comedy which sometimes works, but other times the references fall though, since they are too obscure. Back to the romance, the annoying fact about its depiction here is that every single damn one seems to go nowhere since the person never has the goddamn guts to confess their feelings and the other person is too blind to notice that they are liked, though that leans more towards the person not making their feelings known. There’s a reason I hate high school romance, it’s usually just all slice-of-life nonsense with a bit of flirting, maybe ecchi and no plot: no conclusions to the romance usually. The thing that I disliked the most, that isn’t a fault of the plot, but rather my personal opinion of its direction, is the conclusion. This anime is somewhat predictable, which is a negative mark against it. But the way things concluded in the book and the way things would go in this anime, was not up to my taste. To me it made no sense and I didn’t want it. Think of it as a shipping issue, the couple I’d least ship occurred. In addition there’s so many lies and hidden truths that end up hurting people. They merely gloss over the issues, it confronts the wrong characters and there’s quite the bit of hypocrisy towards the end. I ended up hating Minori quite a bit for that. At least most of the negativity is realistic. But thankfully, this anime is something a bit more. It actually has some deep themes running in the background, some serious stories concerning individual characters, I got reminded of Kanon a bit. Events actually occur and things progress from them. It’s not as slice-of-life as it appears, especially from the middle onwards, it’s just one big plot event after another. Towards the end it even goes off the rails. It seems to have something to suggest about the issues of life and these unrequited loves. The anime gives the message that things won’t go the way you want them, you’ll just have to learn to accept it and deal with it or if it’s possible, try and resolve it. The romance is done in the best way, none of that love at first sight BS, but one that is developed over time. Heck at the end, even I felt glad about the way things went. As for the lacking actual confessions… forget it, this is a positive paragraph. I’ve not talked much about the novel here, it’s mostly the same but a few things are explained better or make more sense. Such as the reason why Minori acts so weird towards the middle and why Ami suddenly decides to get upset at the other characters. It did leave out the despair of one character and their abrupt conclusion of prior goals. I was also surprised as to how much of the overall plot is shown, at the end of the 9th book, the writer mentioned the anime would start airing. It actually depicts all of the plot, including the crazy stuff towards the end and it’s even got an extra episode at the end, though disappointingly it’s set in the middle. Heck, this is one of those few occasions where the original material is almost surpassed by the anime, only because the anime made me feel a bit positive about it. It could have ended a bit better though, the wiki ended up spoiling the story for me when I wanted to look up a character's name, then it turned out for it not to be the case. It could have used that 26th episode a bit better, just to make it that the wiki wasn't lying to me. A few things didn't seem to add up like the ages of the characters. Conclusion I definitely hated this anime at first, but I also appreciated it for trying to tell a good story. Sure the characters pissed me off so much, so as to make me absolutely despise them. Sure I hated how the characters acted in ways so as to cause suffering and pain for others, but it’s a bit realistic like that. It’s a drama in that regard, towards the end the comedy is thrown out of the window for some seriousness. The slice-of-life start dissipates quickly. Despite that, I’d recommend this for fans of slice of life, romance (if one can tolerate a little BS) and romantic comedy. One also might like it if they like high-school dramas. It was the same as the books for the most part, explaining a few things better and leaving out key moments where I really empathised and felt the pain of a character. While I personally didn’t like the predictable plot and the shipping, it’s got actual romance compared to most of these anime that claim to incorporate that genre. It was better than I expected, and it even made me warm up to the way things ended. Overall, it had room for improvement, especially if it were to go in a different direction from the novel. While it did explain a few things, the disappointing use of a 26th episode, a few missing scenes and the lack of explanation for other things let it down. And of course, the characters annoyed me to no end. Not eveyrone is going to like this, it's not universally enjoyable. I've seen some mixed reviews so I have to take into account the varying tastes and tolerances here. Family-friendliness Rating: 3/5 Difficult themes and light content (lower is better) Overall Rating: 7/10 (higher is better)

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