Highschool of the Dead

Alt title: Gakuen Mokushiroku: High School of the Dead

TV (12 eps)
4.01 out of 5 from 52,222 votes
Rank #1,267

When the infected approached Rei and Takashi's school, it led to a gruesome blood bath that left the majority of students and staff dead or turned into the zombie-like monsters that have spread throughout the world. Together with a handful of other survivors, Rei and Takashi set forth to find their families in a world that is rapidly detoriating. Governments have collapsed, the killer disease is out of control, and people everywhere are trying their best to simply live through each day...

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(Sub) Spring of the Dead image

Episode 1

(Sub) Spring of the Dead

(Sub) Escape from the Dead image

Episode 2

(Sub) Escape from the Dead

(Sub) Democracy Under the Dead image

Episode 3

(Sub) Democracy Under the Dead

(Sub) Running in the Dead image

Episode 4

(Sub) Running in the Dead

(Sub) Streets of the Dead image

Episode 5

(Sub) Streets of the Dead

(Sub) In the Dead of the Night image

Episode 6

(Sub) In the Dead of the Night

(Sub) Dead Night and the Dead Ruck image

Episode 7

(Sub) Dead Night and the Dead Ruck

(Sub) The Dead Way Home image

Episode 8

(Sub) The Dead Way Home

(Sub) The Sword and Dead image

Episode 9

(Sub) The Sword and Dead

(Sub) The Dead's House Rules image

Episode 10

(Sub) The Dead's House Rules

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Episode 11

(Sub) Dead Storm Rising

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Episode 12

(Sub) All Dead's Attack

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Oct 25, 2010
Score 8/10

Zombie Holocaust, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and Resident Evil: all standout zombie entertainment in their respective media, however none of these (bar the distinctly average Degeneration movie) have crossed into the anime world. Enter stage right Highschool of the Dead, a slick Romero-esque... read more

LindLTailor's avatar
LindLTailor Dec 11, 2010
Score 3/10

Highschool of the Dead is a show that knows a very, very base demographic and knows exactly how to pander to it. It aims to please simple-minded, uniformly male teenagers with base level action and lots and lots of large, jiggling breasts. Highschool of the Dead has quickly entered into the ranks of shows extremely popular, not for being well-written or emotive, but simply for being a barrel of big, dumb... read more

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Highschool of the Dead OVA
  • OVA (1 ep)
  • 2011

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Highschool of the Dead
  • Vol: 7; Ch: 30
  • 2006 - 2013

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Original Manga
Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Head
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 17
  • 2010 - 2011

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