Aka: Amin, Baka-chi

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burntpopcorn Jul 17, 2019

i don't really know how to feel about her. shes alright ig.

givemethebread Jun 16, 2019

she was bitchy and i hated how throughout the show she pretended to be an airhead. taiga has better character development than she did 

TheGazetto Jan 23, 2019

At first i didn't like her and thought she would be an annoying bitchy antagonist who would do anything to stop the mc's from being together but she turned out to have amazing character devlopement, especially during the last couple of episodes. 

LilyNadesico Nov 4, 2018

I love this cunning, fabulous little bitch! XD

TheIllIntent Oct 30, 2018

Ami is Best Bro.