Gender: Female
Hair Color: ?
Rank #1,401
Rank #1,285

Anime Roles

Tokyo Ghoul Minor
Tokyo Ghoul √A Minor
Tokyo Ghoul:re Minor
Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season Minor

Manga Roles

Tokyo Ghoul Minor
Tokyo Ghoul:re Minor

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GooseWillAttack Apr 22, 2021

Hot take: best character?

Hate that she's the co-star of the third season, but other than that, let's go down the list: strongest character in the entire series (giant worm Kaneki excluded), a fascinating mixture of deep seated resentment and effectiveness for good, mixes multiple interesting personas (edgy demigod Eto Yoshimura, the quirky author Sen Takatsuki, face of the rebellion Eto Yoshimura, mummy Aogiri executive, the One-Eyed Owl), topped off with a mind-boggling revelation that she's had second-hand control over half the plot through Sen, Eto, and Aogiri.

I don't have a deep understanding of the manga and such, I'm no superfan, but this character made watching the last two seasons worth it. Artists should aspire to make villains as intelligent, credibly threatening, wise, surprising, dynamic, morally bilateral, and sympathetic as Eto Yoshimura.

Did it justify ordering the pop funko? Probably not. Did I? Hell yeah I did.

pukegirl Nov 1, 2020

when's this bitch gonna die?

Cestelle Apr 23, 2020

I don't like her and I can't explain why.  She seems like a real b * t ch 

She is one psycho lady but i have to admit, she is pretty bad ass.  BUT NO ONE CAN OUT BAD ASS TOUKA-CHAN

CryingMeth Jun 8, 2018

 Best girl. More of an interesting character with more development and better writing than Touka. Simply a more enjoyable character. 

caeIi Jun 7, 2018

I like her character. She's unique and quirky, doesn't really adhere to any trope out there (too bad it doesn't show in the anime) - doesn't excuse her from doing all the messed up stuff she did though

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