Tokyo Ghoul:re

Alt title: Tokyo Kushu:re

Vol: 16; Ch: 179
2014 - 2018
4.516 out of 5 from 5,162 votes
Rank #629
Tokyo Ghoul:re

Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching Qs Squad how to be outstanding investigators, but his assignment is complicated by the troublesome personalities of his students and his own uncertain grasp of his Ghoul powers. Can he pull them together as a team, or will Qs Squad first assignment be their last?

Source: Viz

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The following review is for the manga version of Tokyo Ghoul Re and may contain spoilers up to the final chapter 179.  Disappointment. That is what I feel towards Tokyo Ghoul as a whole but mostly towards Tokyo Ghoul Re.  The story skips ahead 2 years in a very abrupt fashion, which is jostling despite efforts to make it clear as to why. Characters like Ayato who previously didn't give a shit about other characters suddenly are getting along with them and are on their side. There is no explanation or buildup and it just feels like relationships were forced for plot convenience.  Tokyo Ghoul Re feels rushed. The author clearly wanted to be done with it, and it showed in their work. New characters would be constantly introduced only to die meaningless stupid deaths just as fast as they were put in. Paragraphs or more would be wasted on talking about these side characters lives and interactions when they had nothing to do with the main characters or story.  The main characters we all know, care about and love were hardly expanded upon and given any time to really grow. Even Kaneki, our protagonist feels like he got less time in the panels than random CCG expendables that no one cared or gave two shits about.  Kanekis relationship with Touka even, feels rushed and I get they were emotional and went through a lot of shit and deserved something good for once but they literally went from "havent seen ya in a while friend" to "HULK SMASH" with barely any time for their relationship to develop past friendship.  Kanekis relationship and life at the CCG was fake but I want to believe that he would care on some level for the friends and connections he made despite it being built on lies. He goes from being a mentor/fatherly-like figure to his quinque squad to being a complete asshole who doesn't give two shits if they roll over and die. It feels so cold, and Kaneki should be after what he's been through, but he is always kind to his loved ones... So shouldn't these people count as that?  The representation of LGBT characters in the story are extremely problematic. Mainly Tooru Mutsuki and Kanae von Rosewald who are blatantly trans characters whom both identify as male. The way Ishida handles their characterization for shock value and completely disrespects their identities ruined Tokyo Ghoul Re for me more than anything else did. Mutsuki's identity is treated as the outcome from his childhood abuse and insanity, as if saying he is trans because he was abused and is trans because he's insane. It treats being trans as some perverted deception as if the characters are trying to trick people. Then the icing on the cake is when they find a guy whom they like, and suddenly they want to be "womanly" again. When I found out they were trans I was so excited to finally see a story I love with them represented properly. Alas it was for naught. The vast difference between american and Japanese culture explains why anime and manga authors often portray LGBT characters incorrectly, but it is still not a justifyable excuse. We live in a time where if you do have minorities in your story you are expected to handle them with respect and care, knowing the lense you give them will influence on how people think of these minorities in the real world.  Then there was the finale. It quickly goes from ghouls vs humans, to ghouls and humans vs clown ghouls, to ghouls and humans vs weird ass entities and shit. Then Kaneki is sort of dying but hey lets skip the whole fight scene and ending entirely to explain 95% of the lives of random useless CCG extras that no one gives a fuck about in the final chapter. Where is this hyped up finale? Yes Kaneki got his happy ending he deserved but my god I expected more out of this.  This is Bleach all over again, and my heart breaks at that. I love Tokyo Ghoul but I'm going to choose to ignore Re simply because its a huge disappointment and problematic for so many reasons. I would not bother with reading or watching it. 


Amending Review - Wrote this many chapters ago. Okay... anyone who comes into this manga with expectations from it's prequel. Throw them out now. You will most likely be disappointed unless drastic changes happen after the past 52 chapters I have read. If so I will update this but for now this is how it stands. Tokyo Ghoul:RE is for the younger crowd. I would liken it to how people who sold out sound different in the music business. Tokyo Ghoul:Re so far caters to a much younger imature crowd. That is not to say you cannot find something to like in it if you are a old fan or that fans from the original work could not enjoy this one even as a whole. However, to me... it has not come close to living up to it's true potential. The beginning makes sense. I liked it for the first little while but then it devolves further and further. Adding new characters so that they can kill them off without touching the main cast. That is one of the major issues I have with it. In Tokyo Ghoul it felt like anything could happen. In Tokyo Ghoul:RE it feels like if they are willing to sacrifice anything of worth it will not be until the very end. The other major gripe I have is in the deaths themselves. It is completely rediculous for a human to live through having a chainsaw imbedded in his head even for a short amount of time. Tokyo Ghoul never did anything so stupid. Proving this was not just a stupid fluke they have another investigator survive a see through hole in her gut long enough to speak with others and attack the enemy. In the original manga the investigators deaths were not like this. They actually felt real, not stupid.  The smaller gripes I have are the characters. While there are a few decent new ones. There are many completely unrelateable dumb weird characters. Like the investigator who survives the Chainsaw in the head for a little bit. He reminds me of a character from Nightmare before Christmas. I mean his face is weird. It looks like the mangaka gave a 5 year old a chance to come up with a character. As far as pointless characters we have gained and lost a bunch as I said they were created in order to be destroyed so that they could leave the main characters intact. This manga has really gone downhill in the sequel. I mean... really badly. However, that is again my opinion based on how I liked the prequel. If you are someone who is into mainstream manga like Attack on Titan and Bleach I am sure you would still find this manga edgy and good. For me though... it has been one big disappointment so far.


So tokyo ghoul:re begins with a time skip and a new Ken, or as everybody else calls him now, Haise Sasaki. Ken has amnesia, which must be in the hat of japanese hot ideas for plots because amnesia is one of their favorite themes. After awhile its just annoying.  Anywhoooo after establishings connections with this new group of characters and a new basis of importance so that the reader feels something for the new gang, Ken does eventually get his memories back. The whole Ken/Hasai thing was similar to the Ken/Rize mind conversations and it was pretty enjoyable reading those  interactions.  The overall arching story was good but the overall impact and tension that we experience in tokyo ghoul is a bit more lacking. I will say the whole Arima thing was pretty darn good in this series. That was beautiful and sad in my opinion.  Touka X Ken by the way One thing I didnt like was that the transitions between chapters weren't always the clearest or easy to understand and the art style is kinda sloppy in my opinion. Good, but sloppy. Also the ending felt rushed a bit so that was like an eh kind of deal there.  But like I said the overall story was good and I definitely enjoyed reading it. The characters and their depth and how they interact and clash really give this story its girth and ability to stand among other great titles. So I can recommend this but just know that if Tokyo Ghoul really blew your mind that this probably won't do the same thing to such an extent XD

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