Gender: ?
Hair Color: Black
Rank #1,645
Rank #72

Anime Roles

Fruits Basket Secondary
Fruits Basket 1st Season Minor
Fruits Basket 2nd Season Secondary

Manga Roles

Fruits Basket Secondary

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Zakuru Aug 4, 2020

Like, i don't know if Akito has any zodiac powers over them but I would mad slap the shit of him myself

Liitleshiiit Aug 3, 2020

I hate him sooo much!!

AngelCake573 Aug 1, 2020

I can't possible fathom how someone can be such a horrible person. You would think that after going through the same abuse she/he would try their best to avoid putting others through the same pain but in Akitos case she/he embraces it. Going through emotionaland physical abuse is hard, but in life you make the decision to stop or to continue the cycle. It pains me to see that they decided to continue it but make it worse and that's one of the reasons why the character is so easy to hate. Every inch of my existence wants them to just disappear but theres also the side of me that also pity's Akito. To be one such a horrendous person, they must have went through so much. Nonetheless, abuse is abuse and no one can deny that. 

HoneyBeara Jul 22, 2020

Mmmm I'm gonna say it. It doesn't matter what sort of past Akito has or things they're going through, they are still an abuser. I feel like this is obvious. The amount of emotional abuse they have put the Sohma family through is kind of disgusting. This is what we call a cycle of abuse. Akito isn't forgiven just because of their bad experiences. The cycle is hard to overcome, I'm not saying it isn't. But it doesn't negate their actions. Like does the Joker's actions suddenly become okay just because he had a dark past? Of course not! (And if you think it does, I would encourage to REALLY think about that)

LoveyEllie Jun 12, 2020

I can't say that I hate him or like him.. if you didn't know what Akito's past, pls don't hate. BUT LET ME TELL YOU AKITO, LISTEN UP! If you every lay a finder on Tohru, ima smacke the sh*t out of you. *ahem* I apologize for my manners. Now that you get that AKITO, don't u dare to lay a finger on Tohru >:(


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