Aka: Smile, The Queen's Guard Dog

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #45
Rank #218

Ciel is the only surviving member of the wealthy Phantomhive family after his parents were tragically killed in a fire many years ago. Ciel has a very serious and often harsh demeanour; he doesn’t behave much like a child. Driven by a desire for revenge, Ciel has formed a contract with Sebastian, who is his closest ally and confidante. Though he is still only young he successfully runs the family’s toy company as its president and also completes various missions for the queen, earning him the nickname of the Queen’s guard dog.

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Anime Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler 2 Main
Black Butler 2 Specials Main
Black Butler: Book of Circus Main
Black Butler: Book of Murder Main
Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Main
Black Butler: His Butler, Performer Main
Black Butler Recap Main

Manga Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler Anthology Comic Main

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XxHuaChengxX Mar 31, 2021

So Cute and Handsome...... Yet so conniving.....

ZanKraken Feb 7, 2021

I'm surprised he has that many likes, he's kind of just an asshole. 

kent18 Nov 25, 2020

His toy company manufactures a stuffed bunny plushie (complete with eyepatch), called "Bitter Rabbit."

I honestly don't even have the words for just how freaking awesome that is. ;)

Hyakkimaru Oct 22, 2020

Sweet baby.

Also, thanks sooo much to the user below for manga spoilers. >_>

imaweebforlife Sep 26, 2020

Omg the manga honestly i feel awful for ciel pretty much ciel phantomhive is not ciel phantomhive thts his tein brothers name in the circus season it showed tht guy who was obsessed with ciel...their was someone who looked like ciel hiding behind yhe dad thats the ciel we know the real ciel was the one being super friendly i feel awful for ciel he loved his twin brother do much and then he died ciel put a wall around him....then he found out tht he was alive but still dead and tht he was planning of taking his rightful place as the heir...i feel awful for ciel

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