Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2018
3.601 out of 5 from 5,328 votes
Rank #2,862

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(Sub) Place: And So, Once Again image

Episode 1

(Sub) Place: And So, Once Again

(Sub) VOLT: White Darkness image

Episode 2

(Sub) VOLT: White Darkness

(Sub) Union: Close Game image

Episode 3

(Sub) Union: Close Game

(Sub) Vive: Those Left Behind image

Episode 4

(Sub) Vive: Those Left Behind

(Sub) MovE: Confluence, Confusion image

Episode 5

(Sub) MovE: Confluence, Confusion

(Sub) FACE: Effulgence image

Episode 6

(Sub) FACE: Effulgence

(Sub) Proof: Bonds image

Episode 7

(Sub) Proof: Bonds

(Sub) Incarnation: Awakened Child image

Episode 8

(Sub) Incarnation: Awakened Child

(Sub) Morse: Remembrances image

Episode 9

(Sub) Morse: Remembrances

(Sub) Call: The Far Side of Tragedy image

Episode 10

(Sub) Call: The Far Side of Tragedy

(Sub) ACT: Encounters image

Episode 11

(Sub) ACT: Encounters

(Sub) Episode 24 image

Episode 12

(Sub) Episode 24

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MashedPotatoes's avatar
MashedPotatoes Dec 8, 2018
Score 3/10

This is a review of the first 8 episodes.  I was really hyped for this and the previous season of Tokyo Ghoul:Re but sadly both of them are an utter dissapointment (especially this one). The manga of Tokyo Ghoul:re is really great and I strongly recomend it but this anime adaptation is terrible. The art and animation are bad with most of the action being slideshows. Thanks to the animation the fights are... read more

commonxreaction's avatar
commonxreaction Jan 2, 2019
Score 6/10

Anime Bingo Challenge: Winter 2019 This will contain spoilers and mention events from the manga that were not animated. I remember when the first episode of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul aired. It was life changing. It was one of those moments where you're just so engrossed by what's happen, the... read more

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