Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2018
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Continuation of Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Anime Bingo Challenge: Winter 2019 This will contain spoilers and mention events from the manga that were not animated. I remember when the first episode of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul aired. It was life changing. It was one of those moments where you're just so engrossed by what's happen, the planets and stars align, it was amazing. I immediately delved into the manga and was addicted to the series ever since. Which is lucky, because the Anime has made some very bad choices, and Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season isn't really an exception. The best thing I can say about the "Re" Anime as a whole is that it didn't make any significant changes to major events, which cannot be said about its predecessor. However, this is still a double-edge sword because of the whole √A debacle. The story picks up from where Season 1 left off, Haise Sasaki has become the dormant personality and once more Kaneki Ken has become the primary protagonist of the series. The moment I was waiting for since picking up the first chapter of Re. However, in the Anime, we are given a very rocky start. Things move very rapidly, and if you haven't read the Manga then you probably have no idea what is going on, which, in Studio Pierrots defense, is at least consistent with the rest of their delivery of Season 2 and 3. If nothing else, they are consistent. The most notable change from here is that an entire arc is omitted. The arc is centered entirely around Tooru Mutsuki and tells their backstory and ultimately reveals who they are and what role they end up playing in the future plot. We see some scenes from end of this arc a few episodes into this series, but, essentially, the entire arc is omitted and why and how Mutsuki got body snatched is entirely glossed over. This is only the first of several shortcuts Pierrot takes when rushing to the end of the Tokyo Ghoul plot. The main thing that upsets me about this is that Pierrot is so notorious with fillers. Look at Naruto, an entire 90~ episodes of filler tacked onto the end of the series to fill space between Parts 1 and 2. And don't even get me started on how ridiculous they were with Shippuden fillers. How are they going to draw out a series for so many episodes and yet rush something so adamantly? I'll forever be salty about this, Tokyo Ghoul could've easily been twice as long, if not longer, and yet they chose to rush. *breathes* So... we focus entirely on Kaneki's major plot points. We move at breakneck speeds, and only a few episodes in we are essentially at "Chapter 100" of Re. I was extremely disappointed that Season 2 completely omitted the fight with Arima, and so I was very excited about getting the "rematch" in this season. The Anime really toned down the gore, and intensity of the fight. At one point, in the Manga, Kaneki is essentially a torso with severed limbs, and that sense of fear for losing the protagonist is lost. The fight boils down to a couple of clashes and talking. The Anime honestly cannot do justice for Sui Ishida's amazing art work and depth, and it honestly felt like they refused to even try. After Season 1, I just felt like Studio Pierrot was slapping me in the face with each passing episode. Like, "Aren't you happy?" There are two major plot points which the Anime acknowledge, but they still fail in execution. The first being the backstory and ultimate role of Rize. This ties deeply into the, now, primary antagonist: Furuta. The Anime doesn't really even properly explain who he is, where he came from, or what his role is. Which sucks, because he's revealed to essentially be in love with Rize and their relationship ties into how Kaneki got stuck into the situation he's in. A major scene being left out being that Furuta has Rize's body and, when confronted by Kaneki, says, and I quote, "I'll be having Rize bear me a buuunch of kids, 101 Dalmatian style." I remember reading that in the Manga and basically having him jump up several levels on my "List of Most Hated Characters" list. He's essentially holding her captive, and the implication being that he's forcing her to have children, even if it's not conventional methods, he's still manipulating her body and DNA. He's definitely scum. This is eventually seen in the Anime when Kaneki is surrounded by Ghouls who have Rize's kagune, which leads to Kaneki pushing himself and becoming a "dragon." Furuta literally refers to these events as creating a dragon, even in the Manga. Kaneki is clearly a centipede at this point, it's been implied and foreshadowed he's a centipede since Jason and shortly thereafter when he was shown to be a Kakuja. Furuta doesn't know what a dragon is. He really is the worst. This ultimately leads to the second major plot point which the Anime both acknowledge and fumbled with so terribl: Hide Nagachika. The main problem with the reveal of Hide, in Season 4, is that Season 2 essentially retconned the end of Tokyo Ghoul and flat out showed us a scene of Kaneki carrying Hide's dead body through the battlefield. But wait, Hide is showing up in Season 4, how can this be? Rewind back to the Manga. In the original Manga there is a much more heartfelt scene leading up to Kaneki vs Arima. Hide is shown finding Kaneki, who is going insane in the sewers. He assures his friend that he's not alone, he's known he was a ghoul all along, and that he still is there for him. At this point we are shown a panel that basically implies Kaneki ate Hide. "The next thing I remembered, I woke up alone, with the taste of blood in my mouth." Fast-forward back to Season 4. Hide is back, and is sporting a nerdy scarf around his face. What could've possibly happened? He was dead, right? That's what an Anime-only viewer is supposed to assume. Yet, this ties directly into with what is happening in the Manga. The reveal being that Hide wasn't eaten, only partially. He has a pretty nasty scar from where Kaneki gnawed away at his jaw. This just makes no sense, and shame on Pierrot for even trying to retcon their own retcon. At this point, Season 4 is sort of a lost cause. The rammifications of changing the ending of Tokyo Ghoul are not being compensated for, and it's all become just a huge mess. I have to admit, I basically was only looking forward to seeing Touka and Kaneki having sex. Which, the Manga did so much better of showing. That chapter was so devestatingly amazing, it was everything I ever wanted. For those who've watched this season but not read the Manga I highly suggest you check it out. It's Chapter 125, thank me later. Nevertheless, after that episode happened I had lost all interest in this season. I've already read the Manga, so the series was over for me a long time ago. I was basically watching this season out of obligation. The story and characters have been a hot mess since √A happened. That being said, I was happy that TK came back for Season 4, Katharsis was a far more satisfying opening than either Season 2 or 3 had. "The prostitute spat fire" is another thing that I'll just never get over. I'm not super good on rating sound and animation. It sounded okay, the opening was good, nothing seemed too wonky. Same goes for the animation. My main concern with the Anime has always been it's retelling of the plot. They could've gone word for word from the Manga and had a huge hit. But, ultimately, they chose not to. The best thing I can say to people who watch this show is to try and forget what you saw and simply pick up the Manga, it's much better.

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