Slayers: The Motion Picture

Movie (1 ep x 65 min)
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The busty Naga the Serpent and the not-so-busty Lina Inverse are on their way to the mysterious Mipross Island. Accessible only once a year due to dense fog, the island once inhabited by elves is now home to relaxing hot springs. However, nefarious things are afoot! Stray jellyfish are seen throughout town, villains appear at every turn, and a strange frog creature lurks in the shadows – not to mention the all-too-often dreams that are plaguing Lina’s slumber. Naga and Lina must now find and put an end to an evil that spans time so that Lina can get to her ultimate destination: a mythical spring known to “grow” (err…”develop”?) what is thrown into it! The fate of Mipross Island and Lina’s chest now lies in their hands!

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This is quite an interesting show basically going along the lines of the OVA rather then the TV show. You know the one with the really scantily clad Naga the Serpent. Now though I really don’t like Naga, I do like the movies plot. This story has Lina heading to an elf town and defeating a demon. It would be no different then any other episode except this is when she is first introduced to the sword of light. Naga is a really stupid woman who couldn’t even tell when someone is actually a bandit. Sometimes I think the only reason they brought her in is to make a reason for Lina to go the island where the story takes place. The bandits are extremely stupid, and I have to say they didn’t show any thought in creating them. All the teams seem to be families. Other enemies seem to do long winded explanations on what there diabolical plans are before they even fight Lina (Of course, I don’t understand how everyone knows her on the island as well but that’s another story). Other characters seem as though they were quickly put together and given stupid names. Sadly, most of the show does have a rather ‘filler’ feeling about it. The ending was rather anti-climatic, only about 10 minutes of the long movie so it feels bland in that aspect. I may have loved the journey, but the finish line felt like it was lacking. The artwork shows its age rather nicely actually. It means that the show might look rather old but it to me, it’s almost a classic. The style while slightly rough has a lot of detail in the backgrounds and even in some characters that move around. The monsters are a little generic but extremely detailed in how they move and attack. They must have put a decent amount of money into this when it was made. The English voices are sometimes ok, though a couple of the girls voices sound like they are straining there voice, but it doesn’t get to bad. Lina really sounds whinny, Cynthia Martinez makes her sound like she is on the verge of losing her voice most of the time for how high pitched she is. Phil Ross on the other hand makes a great Rowdy and David Bell does do a really good of Young Rowdy, making them seem like they really could have been the same voice. Again, I wasn’t keen on Naga’s stupid laugh. I can give props to Kelly Manison for doing a pretty good job on the voice though, for playing a rather annoying character to begin with anyway. The script though is sometimes cheesy and sometimes rather cleaver with the jokes. It made the show stand out in that fashion. I do have some problems with the dub in that once in a while they throw a curve ball into the mix like having the demon cry out Sylvester’s saying from Looney Toons or some other parody. It may work in some extent for American watchers but for those that look for a closer dubbing, this is not one. I’m also not into the change that they did to the signature spells that Lina has. It’s sad whenever I have to review a show that I like and it falls short. Sadly, I can’t give this a 5 star rating but it is worth watching if you like a bit of comedy or the normal TV and OVA shows of slayers. Plus, as said in the description, this does actually link to Gourry Gabriev from the TV show so its kind of funny seeing the link. <input id="mac_address" type="hidden" value="">

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