Gender: Female
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #1,398
Rank #14,502

Violent, gluttonous, and greedy, Lina Inverse has become the most feared black wizard in the world for her explosive temper and mastery of the comically-overpowered Dragon Slave. Though always on the lookout for more treasure, Lina knows how to do the right thing when the situation demands and possesses a strong sense of justice. Her soft spot for do-gooders and steadfast loyalty to her friends make her an excellent travelling companion despite her flaws - provided no one mentions her small chest or diminuitive stature.

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Anime Roles

Slayers Main
Slayers Evolution-R Main
Slayers Excellent Main
Slayers Gorgeous Main
Slayers Great Main
Slayers Next Main
Slayers Premium Main
Slayers Return Main
Slayers Revolution Main
Slayers: The Book of Spells Main
Slayers: The Motion Picture Main
Slayers Try Main

Manga Roles

New Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces Main
Slayers Evolution-R Main
Slayers: Knight of the Aqualord Main
Slayers: Light Magic Main
Slayers (Light Novel) Main
Slayers: Medieval Mayhem Main
Slayers Premium Main
Slayers Revolution Main
Slayers Special Main
Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story Main
Slayers vs Orphen (Light Novel) Main

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Zelfa Jan 16, 2019

Slayers was one of my first anime back in the day. Thanks to that, Lina will always have a special place in my heart. Also bonus points for making me realize I have a thing for redheads. 

pinkarray Jan 4, 2017

She's mediocre. I'm not fond of her outspoken, aggressive, moody personality.

JJR1971 Jan 20, 2016

Lina Inverse is hilarious because she's like every obnoxious RPG "power gamer" ever...

I like both "young Lina" voiced by Cynthia Martinez, and "somewhat more mature Lina" voiced by Lisa Ortiz.  I think the Dragon Slave spell incantation is more poetic in the tv series (voiced by Ortiz) than in the prequel movies (voiced by Martinez).

I like her ambivalent (and repressed) romantic feelings towards Gourry that surface from time to time, usually suggested by other characters, which make Lina blush with embarassment. 

Chronolocke Dec 1, 2014

Lady Inverse gave me a was either click the heart button or take a Dragon Slave to the face.  Which would you have chosen?  

Linkachu Mar 5, 2013

She may not be #1 on Anime Planet, but she'll always be my #1. ;-;

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