New Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces

Alt title: Shin Slayers: Falces no Sunadokei

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.672 out of 5 from 27 votes
Rank #17,189
New Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces

After being shipwrecked on a remote southern island, Lina and company protect its townspeople from an attack by pirates. But the island holds a deep, dark secret - and powerful magical forces are at work trying desperately to hide its past. The fate of the world once again rests in the hands of the over-bearing Lina Inverse… for better or worse! Join Lina, Gourry, Zelgadiss and Amelia, and introducing Luke and Millena on a brand new adventure!

Source: MU

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