K.O. Beast

OVA (7 eps)
1992 - 1993
3.384 out of 5 from 180 votes
Rank #3,746

In the distant future, two species are at war to avoid extinction. Humans, who came from another world in search of a new residence, are now fighting against the Beasts, a human-like race who can morph into the shapes of animals. Wan of the Tiger Clan, Bud Mint of the Bird Clan and Mei-Mer of the Mermaid Clan are the three most powerful Beasts, and also the biggest threat to humans. The evil and demonic minions of the human race, V-darn and V-sion, have a plan: eliminate the three and acquire Gaia, the most valuable treasure of all. But the Beasts are after it too, and their Jinns, man-made clan totems, were created to protect Gaia no matter what. Things look up for the Beasts when they meet Tuttle of the Mermaid Clan and the little girl Yuni, who seem to hold the key for everything. Who will find the treasure first, the Beasts or the humans?

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quamp Nov 9, 2014
Score 5/10

K.O. Beast (actually, the title I saw it released as is K.O. Century Beast, but I didn't see a way to put that in there) is an anime you'll either like or absolutely loathe. The summary is a bit off as well; in the past, the earth was split into two hemispheres. In the north evolved the beasts, and in the south, humans still thrived. However, a problem with the split causes the hemispheres to reunite, causing... read more



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