A Tale of the Secret Saint

Alt title: Tensei Shita Daiseijo wa, Seijo de aru koto wo Hitakakusu

Vol: 8+; Ch: 40+
2019 - ?
3.926 out of 5 from 296 votes
Rank #6,319
A Tale of the Secret Saint

Born into a family of knights, Fia has always dreamed of following the path to knighthood too, except she's the least talented of them all. On the day of her initiation test, a deadly injury prompts her life to flash before her eyes...and reveal her former life as a powerful Saint who defeated the Demon King in a bygone era! Her painful death as a Saint made her swear she’d never accept sainthood and its dangers again. But now, with her saintly power returned, Fia has the chance to be a more powerful knight than she’d ever dreamed—that is, if she can last long enough!

Source: Seven Seas

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A young girl whose family is kind of terrible as they let her undertake a trial that they don’t think she’ll really survive (and when she’s not back in time, one of her brothers literally says ‘why are we wasting our time, she’s probably dead already’) but she doesn’t hardly seem to care??  Just wants to be a knight despite having basically no talent for the sword?  Possibly in hopes of getting their approval- it’s really unhealthy, don’t like that, no.  I’m not saying they all hate her, but most of them really don’t treat her like family should.  Anyway, she was the saintess in a past era.  But what is considered a ‘saintess’ now is way weaker than her!  Oh no~ OP~ but she doesn’t want that because in her past life she got betrayed, tortured, and killed due to… also crappy family.  Plus demons.  Big Plot.  So she’s planning on hiding it until she has strong comrades she can trust in the future.  So basically her plan is: fake it till you make it.  Use enhancement spells to fake ability with a sword (is she a saintess or a spellsword- I don’t even-) which makes no sense but, hey.  You do you, hun.  Who needs logic?  Everyone’s a meat-headed knight anyway :P           But~ There seems to be more to the world than it seems, and memories of a time long past don’t necessarily equate to knowing everything about the present.  Mystery desuka?  I think it’s worth a recommend, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it amazing or anything.  Average fantasy manga.  


I’m absolutely in love with this so far! The storyline is based around a girl who was a 'great saint' that reincarnated as a girl in a knight family 300 years later. She regained her memories after an encounter while on a trial to prove her worth as a knight. I'll not say any more than that about the storyline to avoid giving spoilers! Granted, the storyline to this is quite predictable but I personally think it's worth the read! Each character has their own unique charm, and the pacing on this is well done. Different plots don't linger too long so you're not left for chapters and chapters on end waiting for things to resolve (minus the part that she's hiding herself as a saint). There are quite a few flashback sequences and at times they felt a bit long in my opinion, but it was nice to see the side of her as the great sage as a lot of 'reincarnated' stories gloss over the whole 'reincarnation' side of it (and each flashback was relevant to a character or situation). So far there hasn't been any romance, but the relevant characters are VERY male heavy so I wouldn't be surprised if it headed in that direction in the future. It appears that some of the male characters have a verrry small (like, squint and you'll miss it) 'interest' in the female lead (which feels a bit iffy since her body's age is 15) but she couldn't appear to care less about them in a romantic sense. There is no flirting in this, but some of their expressions when she says something that surprises them is a bit... sus. But overall I highly recommend this to people who love a strong, reliable, kind, slight airhead but also really smart female lead. I hope the next chapter gets released soon because I can't wait for it!

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