Slayers: The Book of Spells

OVA (3 eps)
1996 - 1997
3.735 out of 5 from 2,381 votes
Rank #2,823

Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent are once again journeying the world for personal gain, though as always, nefarious forces plot to tangle them up in mischief. An old man is trying make a great chimera, but wants Lina as one of its heads! In addition, a brave and incompetent noble (as well as his frightening mother) hires the duo to turn him into a mighty knight, and the gang hunt for a magic mirror that will make copies of its masters enemies; however the copies have entirely opposite personalities of the originals! With all the mayhem and action, Lina’s short fuse and powerful magic will certainly save the day, won’t it?

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This isn’t like the ones before. In fact, I’m not sure that this is even in the same dimention as the others. Lina is with a strange woman named Naga the Serpent who dresses rather… well… just look at her! (Kurai: “Um… is she a striper?” Angel: “Uggg… could very well be.”) I’m guessing that this is before she ever meets Gourry in fact because she doesn’t talk about him or even mention him. You don’t have to see the first two seasons’s to watch this one, though Naga seems to get a tiny bit of time on screen in them. In fact, the three episodes are not really repetitive and you can probably watch them in any order, though the first one does have the ‘first meeting’ (if you can call it that) of the two. It seems in the first episode that they have a small history between the two though the story never talks about what did happen, Naga seems to know Lina but Lina doesn’t really remember her. I hate when they do something like that because though the whole show, they never say what is really going on. They have a love/hate relationship between them, once in a while they will act like friends but more over then not, Naga always tries to out shine Lina and fight her. Naga is pretty much a fan service character, not really adding anything except someone who wants to fight Lina every single time and make her life almost hell. Her skimpy outfit reminds me of a hooker and I don’t think anyone can wear her outfit out on the streets without being called over by the police. I understand fan service and being bi, I can actually say I like a little of it but this does tend to gross me out. I am happy that they do not always pay much attention to her outfit, and they do say out ridicules it really is so I let them slide on that. Lina on the other hand seems to be a bit more down to earth then the episodes before and I’m not sure why that is. She doen’t feel like ‘our Lina’ but someone playing as her. This tends to throw me off slightly as I fell in love with her character from the TV shows. The Animation is actually nice cell shaded, good for the time at least. It does show its age but again, it fits slightly with the others. It’s only a little bit more blured then the others, as seen in most OVA’s like that. They also end up getting off the character designs at times. You would think for an OVA, they wouldn’t do that. There isn’t much background music except for the slap stick comedy sounds we will normally hear but these never overpower and sometimes are even non-existent throughout the show. When we do get epic music, sometimes its cut off to leave sort of a comical end. Lina sounds much younger then the other shows and so I guess it shows the time frame. I can’t stand Naga’s voice at all, especially her laugh! <input id="mac_address" type="hidden" value="">

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