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                                                                                                <3Welcome To My Profile<3

                                                   Image result for host club gif         

Listen one of these as you read  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or  or 

I really like anime and manga...but is it just me that when I watch an anime first and then start reading the manga you really want to read it as much because most of the stuff in the things in the book happened in the anime. 

If you want to know some stuff about me keep reading and if you don't WHY ARE YOU EVEN ON MY FUCKING PROFILE BITCH...

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Anyway, my favorite animes are Blue Exorcist, Deathnote, Fairy tale, K, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Tokyo Ghoul etc etc.

My very favorite manga IG is Killing Stalking because Oh MY God the storyline is something I never read before. It should honestly be an anime, but idk.

I like vanilla ice cream

I like anime obviously

I like to read

I like to draw

Im that one person that thinks they can sing anime music amazing but in reality sounds like they are making random sound

My birthday is April 1st soooooo Im special

I was a mistake haha

I love the Host club

I love texting

Rn Im grounded

I have a ps4...My username is whenpigsfly1233

Im a minor 

I loveee video games

Im a girl

I love anime

I want friends just like Natsu, Tamaki, Naruto, Stella, Erza, basically a lot of anime characters

I love msuic

Image result for host club gif

Image result for host club gif

Image result for host club gifImage result for host club gif

Anyway, I want you people that hover over my BEAUTIFUL PROFILE to suggest anime and mangas for me...Also, follow me if you want to fantasize how Grey from Fairytale looks so hot with his SHIRT OFF like omg... I'm just kidding...You thought...Anyway, but please do follow me I don't bite Grrr, but on an all serious note follow me so I can talk to about anime stuff and to give me some suggestions. Also leave comments I want to hear you guys opinions on animes, mangas, Donald Trump, France, pretty much anything. I am open to any criticism about meep. Also if you want to talk to me my Instagram is @Whenpigsfly1233...Now Peace Out people of the same species of me:)

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                                                                        My Favorite Characters

Image result for rin okumura gif                                   Image result for tamaki gif his eyes    

                                      Rin                                                                                                        Tamaki    

Image result for natsu gif                              Image result for kirito gif

                                   Natsu                                                                                                         Kirito

Image result for honey senpai gif                         Image result for hikaru and kaoru gif

                           Honey Senpai                                                                               Hikaru and Kaohu

Image result for tokyo ghoul ken kaneki gif                      Image result for stella vermillion gif

                                        Ken                                                                                                                        Stella

Image result for light yagami gif            Image result for karma akabane gif

                                          Light                                                                                                     Karma

     Image result for my hero academia deku gif           Image result for my hero academia katsuki gif

                                              Deku                                                                                        Katsuki 

  Image result for food wars soma gif           Image result for food wars satoshi gif

                                              Soma                                                                                    Satoshi  aka the one with the apron     Image result for Naruto gif           



                                                                                   My Favorite Opening/Endings

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20

In the comments guess which anime do these openings and endings belong too. Also, include the name of the song if you want.

Also, list 3 of your personal favorite openings and choose 3 openings from my list you like the most and 1 you hate or dislike

                                                                            Guess these characters

Image result for kyoya ootori gifImage result for laxus fairy tail gifImage result for fuuto asahina gifImage result for sword art online silica pet gif 

                      1                                                         2                                                                   3                                                  4

Image result for carla fairy tail gifImage result for devils part time demon lord gifImage result for lucifer gif devils part timeImage result for devils part timer chiho sasaki gif

                      5                                                           6                                                               7                                                8

Image result for naruto gifImage result for blue exorcist polka brow gifImage result for seraph of the end mika gifImage result for assassination classroom green hair girl gif

                            9                                         10                                                11                                                  12

Image result for food wars yuki gifImage result for senri gif vampire knightImage result for blood lad gifsImage result for blood lad gifs

                         13                                                       14                                           15                                           17

Image result for sword art online creator gifImage result for fairy tail igneel gifImage result for fairy tail zeref dragneel gif         

                    18                                                    19                                                                  20

JUST WAIT FOR IT after listening to that listen to this  If you don't know what I mean leave a comment also leave your thoughts about this.

Image result for anime gif twerkingImage result for anime gif twerking

Image result for bob burger girl twerking -Thats me on the daily lol

I may add more stuff hehe bye<3<3        

Can you suggest some stuff too

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8 total

I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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Natagami Feb 2, 2019

Definetly It's pretty great so far XD

sushisushisushi Jan 17, 2019

:D hahahahah its fine :b 

hows 2019 so far xD hahahahhah it came really fast right?

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fujiokasakura Jan 16, 2019


sushisushisushi Dec 31, 2018

happy new years!!!!! :D yes im early but im actually busy at 12 xD hahaha

see you nexxt year!

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Image result for anime gif dancing

Image result for anime gif dancing


sushisushisushi Dec 26, 2018

good to hear :D and yes i need to catch up aswell :[ sucks when your behind xD aww hehe missed you too :b

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oh and LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

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Image result for anime gif merry christmas