Aka: Kira

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #4
Rank #10

Armed with the power of Ryuk's Death Note, Light Yagami is cold, calculating and self-righteous to the extreme, believing that he alone is able to rid the world of corruption and evil. With precisely-calculated moves, Light strategically manipulates friends and foes alike, no matter who he hurts – or kills – along the way. Above all else, Light's supreme confidence fuels his ongoing obsession with defeating L, his intellectual equal and rival.

Always secretive as to his true identity, Light is known simply as 'Kira' to the rest of the society – including his father, a detective assigned to investigate the ongoing, high profile murders.

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Anime Roles

Death Note Main
Death Note Rewrite 1: Visions of a God Main
Death Note Rewrite 2: L's Successors Main

Manga Roles

Death Note Main

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Clypsedra Jan 16, 2021

Anti-heroes like him are god-tier, he always had good intentions towards balance in the world, he just got consumed by the power of the shinigamis, his misplaced egocentrism is the reflection of his god-complex that Ryuk was reffering at the beggining.

johnlaxus Jan 5, 2021

My favourite Anime character, Light was amazing.

AC9123 Dec 31, 2020

I think I like Light. His ego on the other hand XD 

gwenith Dec 28, 2020

My favorite character 🛐🛐🛐

MsKakashi Dec 18, 2020

Damn, I was on Light's side all the way to the end. Smh. 

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