Gender: Male
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #49
Rank #751

Hikaru Hitachiin is one half of the Hitachiin twins, heirs to a massive fortune in the fashion industry. Like his brother Kaoru, Hikaru likes to remain isolated from most of society, but has found a home in the Host Club under the whimsical rule of Tamaki.

Both twins are playful and mischievous, but of the two, Hikaru is slightly more aggressive and forward. Then again, no one seems to notice this fact, and people frequently have a hard time telling the boys apart.

I this character

Anime Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

Manga Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main
Ouran High School Host Club Short Special Main
Ouran High School Host Club University Special Main

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AnieLen Mar 8, 2022

his feelings for haruhi are so annoying and unnecessary

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 2, 2022

ngl i can't tell the difference🤣

ConnyIsTastyNgl Nov 13, 2021

Here are the differences between the twins:

Hikaru: hair parts to the left, he mostly stands to the left of Kaoru, he is more michevious, he has a slightly lower voice than Kaoru, he wears brighter colors than Kaoru

Kaoru: hair parts to the right, he stands to the right of Hikaru, he wears more subtle colors, he is quieter than Hikaru, his voice is slightly higher than Hikaru's

arii2007 Aug 29, 2021

I love both the twins!!