Chainsaw Man

Vol: 11; Ch: 97
2018 - 2020
4.428 out of 5 from 1,237 votes
Rank #605
Chainsaw Man

Denji's life of poverty is changed forever when he merges with his pet chainsaw dog, Pochita! Now he's living in the big city and an official Devil Hunter. But he's got a lot to learn about his new job and chainsaw powers!

Source: MANGA Plus

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If you haven’t heard of Chainsaw man, what are you doing in your life? Tatsuki Fujimoto, the brains behind this unfiltered unconventional mix of horror and shounen manga manages to create a suspensefully gory masterpiece of a story filled with blood, guts, death, one horny teenager, and devils. This manga is set in the real world but with an abnormal yet wondrous twist, the coexistence of demons/fiends who harbor their power from humanity’s fear of a certain person, place, thing, or item. We are introduced to our main character Denji, a lovable deranged teenager who made friends with the infamous chainsaw devil to combat his debt by slaying dangerous devils. Eventually the Chainsaw devil Pochita becomes a part of Denji. Once Pochita and Denji are fused together a mysterious woman named Ms. Makima appears from the Public Safety Devil Hunter Bureau getting Denji to work for her by luring him in with the promise of a cozy life and a date. Denji being the horny and hungry poor teenager he is automatically takes this offer. The comically superficial wants that fuel his steel resolve eventually becomes his downfall. This is the start of a long invigorating bloodstained path that Denji walks down. First thing I noticed when I was recommended this was the unique premise. A chainsaw man? A chainsaw dog? Them fighting devils? It was all oddly captivating. The worldbuilding surrounded by demons, fiends, devils, and contracts was oddly enchanting too and nothing less than ingenious. It was all really clever but since the nature of this manga is fast paced I had to go back a couple chapters quite a few times to understand what the characters are talking about. This was sort of irritating but since Chainsaw man is so good I overlooked it. The way the manga is presented to you from its worldbuilding, characters, and plot is set to show the reader that this manga isn’t going to be very happy. And it isn’t. Chainsaw man had me crying for quite a big portion of it. The source of my tears were the bittersweet lack of character shields. Throughout the manga we are constantly reminded that no character is safe and death will ensue whether you like it or not. Sweetly telling the audience that each character is practically expendable. This element right here is arguably one of Chainsaw Man's strong suits. So many charming characters that left a lasting imprint within the audience and that were portrayed in a way that they would last ended up dying. This was quite a shock to me and most likely many readers but I enjoyed this shock. While many are opposed to this ruthless character killing I sort of like it. I absolutely love when authors use very little character shields because it's a poignant way of breaking the cycle of ridiculous shields popular in mainstream shonen. It's a love hate relationship between appreciating the risks that were taken and how it refines the story with the selfish desire to want to see all the characters survive and thrive. Of course in this manga no one really thrives or survives like they deserve too. With this imminent butchery the panels that come with the bloodshed are extremely attractive, detailed, and imaginative. Through the plethora of carnage the fights manage to not feel boring or repetitive too. I have seen many shonen manga struggle with this. But with Tatsuki’s twistedly creative mind we have all sorts of variety in this blood bath. This can go from simply a head being chopped off to Chainsaw Man blowing through an army of rotting zombies or lighting himself on fire and butchering his enemy. This always kept me in awe at how cool and crazy Denji was gonna kill something. I also enjoyed how Chainsaw man doesn’t take its brutality too serious either. We get some humorous moments to shed some light in the gory-ness such as Denji and Aki kicking a guys balls to see who hits him the hardest. Denji and Power being the main ones to deliver some dopey and obscure lines once again lightening the mood. Another thing that makes Chainsaw man one of my favorites is the depth and individuality of the characters as well as their response to different events that happen to them. Every character is memorable and leaves their impact in the story in either a tragic way or a humorous way. Each character is crafted with lovability, charm, and most likely an inevitable death. Death being a major theme in Chainsaw man we get to see each character take this theme and deal with it in their own unique way. Denji is sort of unfazed through many deaths unless it's one of his really close friends or a potential lover that turns evil. Throughout the story Denji is faced with many women that manipulate him and take advantage of his naivety fuelled by hormones and youth always leading to him getting hurt. And he doesn’t learn from his first time and continues to do it again and again. This is the pathetic charm Denji radiates. I love it. Tatsuki also manages to pull plot twists out of his asscrack which manage to stun you and make everything in the story better. When you find out that big plot twist everything that has happened up until then falls into place which is so satisfying yet horrifying. Overall Chainsawman is amazing and the next part will be even better. The characters are amazing, the art is simplistic yet so detailed, great plot and unique worldbuilding. So what are you waiting for? Read it. 

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