Fire Punch

Vol: 8; Ch: 83
2016 - 2018
3.697 out of 5 from 737 votes
Rank #10,497
Fire Punch

Orphaned siblings Agni and Luna, like the Ice Witch who cursed their world, are two of the “blessed,” humans who hold special abilities. However, not all who are blessed are friendly, and after another of their kind attacks Agni and decimates the orphans' village, Agni fights to survive, vowing revenge.

Source: Viz

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Fire Punch. The story that will probably make you question your sanity within the first couple of chapters because of the shocking and downright psychotic events that unfold. Author Tatsuki Fujimoto never misses with his twisted genius, crafting an insanely dark, action packed to the brim, strikingly gory, and heart wrenchingly tragic story. If you came here from his recent as well as one of his most popular works Chainsaw Man, I suggest you buckle up and expect the worst because things go from zero to one hundred fast. It's all pain man. We are introduced to our main characters Luna and Agni, a brother and sister duo living in a famished village in a dystopic future trying to survive in their freezing world. This world being the doing of the Ice Witch, a “blessed human” with the power to encapsulate anything in snow leaving the world in an icy haze. With the help of Agni’s regenerative powers from being a “blessed human” they survive from cutting off Agni’s arm and feeding it to the villagers as well as themselves. On one fateful day Agni encounters a “blessed human” that belongs to the Behemudorugu army looking for food. After finding out they are consuming human flesh this “blessed human” Doma, decimates the village with his fire powers killing Luna and leaving Agni in a state of eternal pain. In spite of his blessing to regenerate Agni is probably one of the most cursed humans to exist. He is now a man that is forever tortured with the insufferable pain of being burnt alive since his regenerative powers stop him from dying. Vowing to avenge his sister he sets off to kill Doma. This is the story of his path to revenge and all the savage events that go down along the way. Despite Fire Punch’s freakshow cast of characters and the brutal events that come with it, this is one of the most addictive manga I have read. I binged it in a night because it was just so sickly entertaining. The worldbuilding just like Chainsawman’s is eerily unique and the characters all eccentric. They’re all one of kind people ranging from whimsical children to sick movie addicts to murderous monsters. Each of them are oddly charming. I don’t think you will find a character that doesn't feel offbeat or weird in some ways in this story. But that’s what makes them extremely enjoyable and seriously unique. Not one character in this story is innocent (other than the children) or completely sane. As I read more of Tatsuki’s works I see how talented he is in making characters that are eccentric, crazy, and never bland. They always feel alive even the ones that are always deadpan. Though the feeling of living is short lived. Every character either suffers physically, emotionally, or just plain out dies. If you’re a lucky character you can get away with being tortured or traumatized. This merciless torment of Fujimoto’s own characters is what he is the best at and is what he is known for. Breaking down his characters and then remodeling them from their plague to create a sufferable new version of themselves. This iconic abuse is what makes him the king at crafting the most captivating yet dark stories. Every chapter held a new surprise for me to be awestruck about. Whether it was the barbaric acts, clever plot twists, heartbreaking events, or beautifully drawn yet cruel panels I was always entertained. There was never a lack of a shock factor either. This is in the worst yet best way possible. I would rather not put some of them down because it would just feel immoral to write it out so I will leave the finding out the freaky aspect to you. But in contrast to the dark gloom and doom that's  omnipresent there is always a character to shake things up and provide humor. Here to capture and direct a bitchin movie is 300 year old Togata who is here for all the action. She is a regenerative like Agni who strives to make a movie after losing her Western film collection in her village’s fire. After seeing the fiery abnormal Agni she is desperate to record him as the star of her movie. She uses her knowledge of Americana pop culture and movies as eccentric punchlines to jokes. Her crazy antics and twisted thinking never failed to make me laugh. Her edgy commentary and twisted allure to see real life action as well as tragedy is the highlight of this manga. Everything she does and says is over the top sick goofiness. Since looking at events in the “director’s” shoes it's almost like she is breaking the fourth wall with her awareness of the situations she is seeing. As one of the best characters in the story she has great depth and dimension like most of the other characters in Fire Punch. While this is quite a short story some aspects felt a little rushed or just plain out confusing. I feel like the pacing could have been better but I overlooked it because of how great overall this manga is. The reader slowly watches events and interactions shape the characters thoughts and reveal them giving a broader insight on how they work. Though the happy moments never linger as there is always someone to kill, be killed, or crucify. This isn’t a happy story. As Agni literally walks a fiery path of destruction he is tormented with the lives he took and his burden of living. The very model of someone in extreme distress. This is what I love about Agni, I adore tragic heroes and this is one of the most tragic ones I have seen. We see crazy development through his walk between life, death, and insanity. To accompany this are the wonderful themes. There is an abundance about false hope, using religion for selfish purposes, the burden of guilt, cycle of pain, self deceit, and tons about raison d'etre. These seamlessly intertwined together to construct gripping as well as dismal moments and deep subject matter. Agni is a great character truly, his switches in his mental state and the things he puts up with is unbelievable making way for a painful existence. This manga doesn’t have a somewhat happy ending like Chainsawman. This manga is sad. No its heart wrenchingly sad. As you can tell Fujimoto likes to bath in the tears of his readers and this is no exception. I believe this is one of the most sad mangas I have read, this is next to Pun Pun but even Pun Pun had a good ending. After finishing the masterpiece of a manga called Fire Punch I am left in a puddle of melancholy. The ending is perfectly tragic for a perfectly tragic story. Fire Punch is a must read because of its insane events, crazy premise, twisted yet lovable characters, and tragic tragic ending. I really adore this manga. And if you want to really feel terrible while reading, I suggest listening to Wildflower by Beach House once you hit chapter 83. It made me cry.

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