Najimi OSANA

Gender: ?
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #1,610
Rank #7,098

Anime Roles

Komi Can't Communicate Secondary
Komi Can't Communicate 2nd Season Secondary

Manga Roles

Komi Can't Communicate Secondary

Related Characters

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KangoKyobi Nov 24, 2023

Najimi is NOT a shitty friend, they are the best

Sajonji Sep 30, 2023

 He's fcking annoying. Show would be better without Najimi

fangxiety Jul 3, 2023

would love to have them as a friend

sagequit Jun 3, 2023

Najimi isn't a boy or a girl... Najimi is just.... Najimi.

vhosek Apr 18, 2023

You know how every friend group has that one sh!tty friend? The one who is always screwing with you just to amuse themselves or has like zero manners? Can be a real selfish jerk? Is pretty lazy and promises to help only to ditch you at the worst time and leave you trying to haul a couch down the stairs by yourself at 2am? Will mooch off every one even when they have plenty of their own cash? That once in a great while they do something nice or thoughtful but the next day does some crazy messed up stuff. They are always bringing up things from the past like when you crashed and burned asking out that hot girl in high school. To which you remind them of the time the cops found them asleep in front of Subway without any pants on. That makes you wonder why you're still friends with this person. But you remember you've been friends with them forever and better to keep wackos close then let them sneak up on you and "borrow" your wallet. Oh, this is getting long but getting that off my chest helped a lot but anyway, this person is just as sh!tty as that friend you have. So be warned.

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