Komi Can't Communicate 2nd Season

Alt title: Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
4.166 out of 5 from 6,086 votes
Rank #413

The second season of Komi Can't Communicate.

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Same as with the first season, this season starts off very well. The animation once again is beautiful to look at. The opening and especially the ending themes are both great in terms of visuals. As for what the characters are like?  Thus far, Tadano and Komi are still the power couple here. You get the sense that they are getting closer to each other and their overall relationship is just as adorable as it was in the first season. Definitely a lot of ship teases.  Najimi is still my favorite character from the series and has many comedic moments. Yamai and Nakanaka. I honestly had time to really digest the character of Yamai Ren and, while she is by no means a good character, I find her tolerable now. That being said, I love her rivalry with Nakanaka over who wins Komi's affections. It was gut-bustingly hilarious when Tadano tries to teach the two how to translate whatever Komi does.  As for the new characters, there's Katai Makoto. While he may have the face of a thug, he is a lovable guy who tries to make friends but his classmates tend to be put off by miscommunication. I do like how he befriends Tadano largely because you get the impression that he wanted to be friends with him for him and not because he so happened to be close to Komi much like how the other classmates only tolerate Tadano because there was no Komi without him. It's refreshing that some of the assholish behavior is mostly gone as well.  Another one of my favorites definitely has to be Naruse Shisuto, the class narcissist who brags about listening to western music and considers himself the protagonist of the series. He believes that everyone in the school is his fan, but he isn't depicted as being as much of a jerk as you'd imagine. I love how his best friend balances him out by providing commentary.  Overall, a great follow-up to a near-masterpiece, and hoping we get the third season announced.

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