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NamikoYori Aug 4, 2017

me too, and the reason also is the same ^_^ 

MAybe have some anime to suggest? 

Rntt89 Aug 4, 2017

I'm catching up some of this season's anime. I'm watching Fate/Apocrypha, Kakegurui, Made in Abyss and Classroom of the Elite. I especially like Made in Abyss, it seems really promising and interesting!! What genre do you like?

Rntt89 Aug 3, 2017

I have a crush on Dean too, I dont remember since when but it's a long time! Cas is nice too!!

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Maybe I'll start reading it too! I was looking for something anyway! I loved it too! I actually ordered the AoT:No regrets manga a while ago and it's awesome!! 

Rntt89 Aug 2, 2017

Oh, well there haven't been many changes since then!! Who's your favorite boy?

I haven't read the manga yet but I plan to read it sometime. I heard that it is also very good!!

It's true, Mikasa was a lot like that in the anime. It would be nice to she her more chilled and friendly!! And I loved it when Levi told her " I don't why you are so obsessed wirh Eren but.." don't remember the rest but he was so bold when he said the first art that I loved him even more!! :D

NamikoYori Aug 2, 2017

You're very welcome ^_< 

How are you doing there?