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Hatorii Jul 19, 2017

Yeah I can relate, I find many hcaracters that I like from almost every series that I watch. From Psycho Pass my top 3 would be Shogo, Shinya and Tomomi. Im really into cool villains thats wh I like Shogo so much. Do you ike him much?

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BlueberryCrow Jul 19, 2017

Yeah, I really don't like what he is doing to those poor demons. Slavery is terrible. I don't think I'll like Charioce until he gets his shit together. I hope Nina can change him.

By the way, how's your summer? ^^

Hatorii Jul 19, 2017

I loved psycho pass, (since I enjoy dystopian literatrure as well its suits perfectly for me) I really liked Shinya, hes one of my favorite characters. Do you have a favorite?

My all time favorite series is Re:Zero. I have favorites displayed on my profile from each genre ^^

beaneath Jul 18, 2017

Her name is Chiyuki ^^
My fav character is Nona and I also fell in love with some customers (for example: Chisato Miyazaki, Mayu Arita). I like Decim too ^^ I love songs from Death Parade *-*

And what do you think about anime Another? :)

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beaneath Jul 18, 2017

I know it :) And therefore I spend over five hours of drawing :D It's tiring...
I love tutorials and sketch *-*

Sooo... What's your fav character in Death Parade? ^^