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Rntt89 Aug 2, 2017

Are you a supernatural fan too? :O

Yeah, I didn't care about her either but I have to agree after season 2 like her too! 

Hmm, the titan trio? Since they are supposed that they want to eliminate humans I thought they'd be more cold blooded and more inhumane! But it turned out that they were normal humans, with sympathy and understanding for others. I actually liked it! It was pretty interesting! What about you?

Rntt89 Aug 1, 2017

First of all, I loved the supernatural gif! I’m dying, Crowley is awesome!!

And now that I finished second season I can say for sure that I am an Ymir fan too! My all time favorite is Levi! But I also like Hanji because she's crazy and amazing, and Sasha, I can relate to her love for food so much! And there are a lot other characters I like too!

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NamikoYori Aug 1, 2017

Konnichiwa! Thank you for following me back ;) 

Hatorii Jul 31, 2017

lol no problem at all!

you're most welcome :) i'd lvoe to hear waht you thought of the anime when you get around to watching it 

Rntt89 Jul 30, 2017

Yeah, I know what you mean! It was amazing and I was really surprised at a lot of parts!!  Now I have to ask, who is your favorite character?