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Hatorii Jul 22, 2017

well hopefully i can get started on it soon! I have to finish my current ones and ones I was gonna watch after these. You motivated me more to watch Nana :D

HellaObsessed Jul 22, 2017

Same, Hinata is supposed to be real strong, but she seems still so weak, kinda like a pity vibe

SasuSaku relationship is what I really wanna see, like I wanna see them alone together and how they would act

Yeah I watched that too, like when you think about it it was his moment to be recognized by his village, and he didn't get to experience that first glory just cause of that bear, ugh

Right? and I can't even read it cause idk where to find a good site for it, but I heard of some parts of it and it sounded so cute and it actually shows how strong Sakura is

Yeah, I honestly love it so much, it's even better if youre a fan of like superpowers and superheroes and stuff, should try it out

Bouta start watching a bunch of the new animes from this season, have you seen anythin good yet?

cosmiclattee Jul 21, 2017

You know, if it doesn't work out with Charioce there is always Azazel, right..? Am I the only one who ships him with Nina? Yes? Ok. Also, did you draw that picture? It looks pretty cute.

God, same. I feel like I should do something productive this summer but I just... don't know what. I guess watching anime counts as some sort of activity. ^^''

HellaObsessed Jul 21, 2017

Yeah, like all of the girls had so many things that they could've worked on to catch up the guys, just makes it look like they've been doing nothing, like ugh

Yessss, I really wish they showed Sasuke spending more time with his family, and even expanding his family to you know, rebuild the Uchiha clan

More like more scenes of Sakura in general, they barely show what she really is capable of and yeah, I wish they also showed maybe Naruto's new goal, not just fast fowarding so far to him already tired of it all

I remember they've been animating all the hiden novels for like kakashi and sasuke and them, but they never animated Sakura's one and I was so excited to see it

Oh, I heard of that, that's even on my want to watch list, cause I accidentally saw a bit of it, and I loved the art style and the actions, so I was gonna start watching it before the summer ends, can't wait to start watching it

Tho, right now I've been really into Boku no Hero Academia, I'm just like real happy that they extended the 2nd season to 20 some episodes

I think imuh start watching some things from this season rn tho, I wanna see if anything is good, have you seen any good ones so far?

Hatorii Jul 21, 2017

if you say the characters are very well written then I definately want to check it out :) ahhh too bad they're pausing the manga for now. It's great to hear that it changed you!

Yes I like an anime with a great plot, friendship and love. I'll put it on my to watch list :D