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NamikoYori Aug 10, 2017

ah, okay, I'll have them in my mind ;) 

So how you're doing there? 

Rntt89 Aug 10, 2017

Vampire Knight is my guilty pleasure! :D I secretly love it but everyone says that it is stupid and only for teenage girls so I pretend to agree and secretly worship Zero! 

I'm reading Noblese at the moment and I have to say it's really good. After I catch up I'll watch the OVAs!! Rai is so cool!! :) Have you watch Owari no Seraph?

NamikoYori Aug 7, 2017

I'm not sure about my favourite genre, but yeah I have it in my want to watch list, thank you for recommendations! 

they both, Konbiki Kareshi and Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul are ongoig, right? How is it? What impressions do you have? 

Rntt89 Aug 6, 2017

I didn't use to read manga but there were some anime that ended before the manga did and I wanted to know what happened next so bad that I started to read and that's how I discovered the bless of manga!! :)

I don't like scary things so I avoid the horror genre both in manga and anime!! 

I have only read Orange marmalade from the ones you mentioned and I liked it too. I enjoy vampire fiction a little bit too much!! 

Rntt89 Aug 6, 2017

I think you'll like it!! It's really cute!! 

I also like supernatural genre, also mystery and action!! I prefer to read josei manga than watching anime!! Do you read manga?