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Rntt89 Aug 27, 2017

Indeed it's good one!! One of my favorites too!!

And these 4 are my favorite!! And that's also they way I ship them!! :P xD

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Rntt89 Aug 21, 2017

You made my day with that Ferid gif

He's so good!! Seriously I can't het enough of him!!

Yeah, she is a bad female lead!!

You've seen Bungou Stray Dogs?? 

Rntt89 Aug 16, 2017

But it is canοn! What else can it be? 

I want a Ferid all day, every day! Then I can die happy! 

Oh yeah! That MC is annoying  and I can't understand what these boys found in her and everyone wanted her!! 

NamikoYori Aug 13, 2017

Just came back home, I feel lucky that it's not so hot today, but it was yesterday so I can relate how it was for you .-. 

Rntt89 Aug 13, 2017

Lol!! Rai hot? That perfect being hot? Nah I don't see it!! :P

Frankenstein is love!! Ans so awkward along with Rai!! <3 

YuuxMika is canon and I don't care about the creator. If this ship isn't canon then I can't trust anything!! Fav boys are Ferid and Shinya thought!!

Diabolik lovers tbh has terrible plot and I find it at least abit insulting to women but yeah somehow I like it!! :) you?