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Hatorii Jul 20, 2017

I agree with the your statement about the characters. Although I did like Death Gun and Sinon from the second season. I've heard about Nana for quite a while and was wondering what you thought of it?

beaneath Jul 20, 2017

I was watching at Diabolic lovers for the same reason as you

What's your fav manga? ^^

Hatorii Jul 20, 2017

Ah I see, shes just that character that was supposed to be hated 

Haha i like Ginoza as well :) I was checking out your list and I was wondering, why is Kirito on your hate list? (I feel pretty Nuetral about him)

Hatorii Jul 20, 2017

Aw yes, I give Shogo a lot of merit for his actions 

I have not seen the second season of Psycho Pass, but looking at her character page she is very hated, why is it that shes hated to badly?

beaneath Jul 19, 2017

I like mystery too :D

And what do you think about Diabolik Lovers? :D