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Th3Laugh1ngMan Sep 24, 2017

I don't usually comment nowadays but I think your taste is similar to mine.

JZETA24 Jul 15, 2016

Do you know where I can watch major ? And if I can watch it legally? With season 1-6? 

Goblinatore Apr 30, 2016

Oh boy it's been a while

Getter Robo isn't by Go Nagai, and it's not a faithful adaptation.

coffeecups Apr 25, 2016

Make reviews again please. I found your reviews to be the most informative as well as pleasurable to read on this site. Just write!

NetfluxJoe Jan 15, 2016

Thank you for your review on Kaiji back in 2008. I was going to watch the show, but I wanted to see some reviews first. I just so happened to stumble on yours, and let me tell you, it told me everything I needed to know. The show's premise seemed incredibly interesting, and when you described that many of the characters are morally repugnant, it gave me hope that Kaiji himself would be the light amidst the dark, making for some excellent drama. Unfortunately, when I read your section of Characters, I found out that Kaiji does not grow in this way at all, nor in any real way on a deeper level. This was definitely the dealbreaker for me, but I only would have known about it if I read your review. Once again, thank you for enlightening me, and for providing a review that was insightful to read even though I've never seen the show. Well done!