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I started watching anime after I discover that many of my favorite Directors & Movies have been inspired by anime or manga. I decided to give it a try and I was hooked on the creativity of the stories. So, I embark on a journey to discover the Best Anime from all Time. I keep an open mind for any anime that has a good story to tell.

My header is taken from the credit scenes from Attack on Titan, it depicts one of their church murals, which shows the first titan giving the power to humans, and therefore how human-titans came to be.

At some point, I decided to start watching in release chronological order to give more time for sequels to be created and be able to watch the full story without waiting. I went as far back to the 1960s, I've been watching every anime that ranks higher than 3.5 on this site for the chosen year, even for the genres that I"m not fond of (slice-of-life, episodic comedies, romance, moe, ecchi & harem), it helps me be more open-minded and I have found some that I really like, but dropped a lot that annoyed me too. Below 3.5 rankings I only watch the ones that I really think I will like (sci-fi, dark themes, action, thrillers, fantasy). Some OVAs & Shorts do not rank high due to lack of popularity and I have discovered some real gems at the bottom of the pile. My journey through all of these years is what I've been collecting in the Best Anime Lists, and currently, I'm going through 2015.

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00Venenum00 Dec 4, 2019

Yes, what a wonderful waifu she is! I also see you like attack on titan. Are you excited for the final series? 

Otakuanime85 Nov 27, 2019

Thanks for follow back.

siam198007 Nov 19, 2019

You’re most welcome and also thanks for follow me.😊

SubstituteShinigami Oct 29, 2019

I understand where you're coming from. Everyone has their prefrences for language. I respect that. I sometimes forget I have somewhat of a preference since I've been studying Japanese for many years and it sounds normal to me. However, to the everday person Japanese sounds liek gibberish. Yeah the manga is really good though. It hasn't left me disappointed but yeah I see what you mean if you do get disappointed with the ending. I hope the new studio does adapt this anime well.

CryingReaper Oct 28, 2019

Thank you very much! ^^ I made up the username by myself. Even made the story about it. Hmmm I like shows that will show me something different/new or just let me fall in love with characters. Also depends on my mood sometimes. Lately I am trying to find some psychological/horor mangas. And for anime was thinking about watching Mononoke. What about you? Did you found some hidden gem in anime/manga world these days to recommend?