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I started watching anime after I discover that many of my favorite Directors & Movies have been inspired by anime or manga. I decided to give it a try and I was hooked on the creativity of the stories. So, I embark on a journey to discover the Best Anime from all Time. I keep an open mind for any anime that has a good story to tell.

At some point, I decided to start watching in release order to give more time for sequels to be created (as I hate cliffhangers) and be able to watch the full story without waiting. I went as far back to the 1960s, I've been checking out every anime that ranks higher than 3.6 on this site for the chosen year, even for the genres that I"m not fond of (slice-of-life, episodic comedies, romance, moe, ecchi & harem), it helps me be more open-minded and I have found some that I really liked, but also dropped a lot that annoyed me too. Below 3.6 rankings I only watch the ones that I really think I would like (sci-fi, dark stories, action, thrillers, fantasy). Some OVAs & Shorts do not rank high due to lack of popularity and I have discovered some hidden gems at the bottom of the pile.

I've been collecting the Best Animes I have watched for each year on my lists:

1960s to 1970s • 1980s • 1990 to 1996 • 1997 to 1999

200020012002 • 2003200420052006200720082009

201020112012201320142015 • 2016 • 2017

And currently going through 20182019 • 2020 (work in progress)

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Venosaurka Oct 27, 2020

Hi! Thank you for follow back!

Feel free to leave a comment on my profile whenever you like!

Btw, thank you very much for your guides! They are all really helpful.

I'm also really sorry for this late reply, I was really busy and I didn't have time to reply to everybody who followed me.

XkatosushiX Oct 24, 2020

THANK YOU SM FOR YOUR LISTS without ur Fate series list I'd be sooo lost ( ╥ω╥ ). Also thank you for the follow back (wasn't expecting that) :)

CrimsonDemon13 Oct 21, 2020

Man thanks a lot for your one piece whatching list! I always wanted to start watching it, but then when i looked at all of that movies and specals i just was soo confused and didnt know what to watch and where to start. Soo yea thanks a LOT, now i can watch it in peace and enjoy it. Ima follow you :)

MaxGM44 Oct 19, 2020

I love that profile you helped me to find good anime and also in what order very useful member :)

MasterSquall Oct 18, 2020

 i wasn't expecting you to follow back, Thanks :) .

Also your lists are best i have seen on this website .