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volatosolatodolato Jan 10, 2016

My rating scale: 0-1 (VivisQueen) 1-3 (Poor); 4-6 (Average); 7-8 (Good); 9-10 (Masterpiece)

PorcupineHead Jul 25, 2015

I really liked you reviews, shame you don't write them anymore.

ObedientKnight Jul 10, 2015

Hello Queen :) Can i question how are you? ^-^

Travi Jun 1, 2015

Hi! I would just like to personaly thank you for your amazing anime reveiws!

I just read your Metropolis review you posted back in 2007

your reviews are inspiring! and I can see you put alot of work into them

I want to know more about ya! do you have any anime knowledge you wish to pass down to a newb like me?

please excuse my terrible joke above (im not very funny) but I am interested in your work!

ProfitusMaximus May 7, 2015

im not him..but its awesome