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Spaceface Jul 18, 2014

Zankyou no Terror, add it to your watchlist. Watched 2 episodes and enjoy it so far! Also I finished Ping Pong, enjoyed it thoroughly.

isak0044 Jun 12, 2014

Thank you I will give it a try :) 

isak0044 Jun 12, 2014

and Baby steps forgot that one :) 

isak0044 Jun 12, 2014

indeed though i really like your way of writing reviews, but i guess i will settle with vivafruits :), anyway would you recomend any of the new animes in 2014 other than No game no life, and Haikyuu! ? (i have already begund with both) :) thank you for your time ! 

isak0044 Jun 11, 2014

Have you considered making a review of Monster? I can see you have reated it very high, and I would really like to hear your opinion :)