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DNomNettash Feb 26, 2014

Hey Vivi!

Ich dachte, ich sage mal 'Hallo'! (= Wie gehts dir denn?

kizan Feb 21, 2014

Loved your reviews on some of the baseball anime I have watched. They were great!

bijanabrahim Dec 17, 2013

Besides interstellar 5555 toei animation also made captain harmlock which daft punk liked a lot in his childhood I think this is why the animation style is very similar with that 80's anime as well as character models.

Sakux Nov 30, 2013

Sorry, that's true. What happened is that after reading the review of Summer Wars, I read a review of yours, so I got confused.

Anyway, I still think you have very good reviews, and most of all I am really happy and grateful that you made me remember something I was looking (among other things) when I was watching anime / reading manga: do not forget the childhood that still exists within me.

Dewa, mata! ^^

Sakux Nov 29, 2013

I really liked your Summer Wars' review, so I hope you continue writting them.

Looking your profile I've noticed you have favorite genres similar to mine, so I've added you as a friend to meet more people of this great community, and also have a good reference to see good anime.

See you!