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uncaringbear May 14, 2014

Thank you very much for getting back to me! I did check out Anime UK's site the other day, and was a bit frustrated by its layout and navigation, but I will give it another try. I will definitely check out your reviews there, as good objective reviews seem to be so scarce! Will have a listen to the podcasts when I get a chance.

uncaringbear May 13, 2014

Are you still writing anime reviews? If so, I would love to know where I can read your latest reviews. Quite honestly, I think you're an excellent writer and your reviews have always been thoughtful and informative.

ilfenixnero May 4, 2014

Funny, I hadn't thought about checking your profile until now. You've always seemed like a busy person to me, and now I see why.

Anyway, Katanagatari is long but seems good. I might pick it up again. I wish you the best on your podcast.

adirgeforher Apr 6, 2014

why do I have to use the captcha to say hi xD

DNomNettash Feb 26, 2014

Hey Vivi!

Ich dachte, ich sage mal 'Hallo'! (= Wie gehts dir denn?