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tsundere1ftw Jun 28, 2013

Hello VivisQueen,

Interesting question. I remember your comment, it was my first profile comment after all ^^ Over the course of the past two years I came to like the magical girl genre I initially despised. CCP sure played a part in it. Nowadays I give magical girl shows a chance which would have landed straight on my "won't watch" list in the past.

While it took me a long time to get into the show (~30 episodes) I'm glad i kept going. I just love most of the characters at this point as well as their development, also the designs and the costumes are great. Madhouse animation and music also convince, only plot wise I still think this show is a bit thin, which is why I just can't marathon this show and keep it on hold continuously.

At episode 46 I'm currently at a turning point though, all the cards are collected and I honestly have no idea where it's going from here on. While I was so looking forward to more plot, action and excitement I'm a bit afraid it might ruin the show for me now because at this point I'm content with episodic moe fluff and love it for it.

AirCommodore May 26, 2013

Just started FtNW (I have no impulse control). Soooo good, though I'm not seeing the Erin connection. Granted, I only vaguely remember Erin. The episodes end at the weirdest times, though.

AirCommodore May 25, 2013

Leafie is pretty easy to find if you search for torrents (it's also on bakabt if you use that site). I watched Kono Danshi here, there's probably a better quality version floating around somewhere, but I had no luck finding it.

Oh yay, both of those sound really neat. Especially the Empire trilogy- I always have trouble finding adult fiction with good female leads. I'm not sure if I'm just exceptionally bad at hearing about/locating them, or they simply don't exist. I get the feeling that a lot of female fantasy writers that want to write about women go into young adult or middle grade writing instead- both sections have oodles of awesome female leads, but the stories tend to be a bit too simplified and/or contain too much angsty romance for me.

Re: Daenerys- apparently the internet claims she's supposed to be 16, but this is never said in-show, and the actress doesn't pass as a teenager at all, so I'm going to continue pretending she's 20. Whatevs. (Also Martin's reasoning for making her 12 in the first place was because "that's what it really was like back then", which is such a shit excuse in a book about dragons and magic zombies. tch).

AirCommodore May 22, 2013

I don't think many people would argue with you on the Daenerys thing. The show aged her up to 20ish (thank god), which made the whole thing a lot less blech. I'll have to look into Jordan's stuff- I usually don't have much tolerance for your wimminfolk, but I just read the first two of Rothfuss's (very disappointing) Kingkiller series so I think my standards are low enough to put up with that if the story is kickass enough.

Aw man, super excited for FtNW. Gotta finish off some of my watching list first, though, it's starting to get out of hand. I doubt I'll be much help for recs, I think you've seen most of my favorites that you have any chance of also liking (except possibly Himitsu. Get on that). A couple of months ago I watched this Korean animated film called Leafie: A Hen Into the Wild, which was pretty swell. It's full of bishounen ducks (which are unexpectedly way better than boring human bishounen), and it made my friend cry. was also pretty neat- it was made entirely by one lady, which I've decided is badass, and it has a gay merman.

AirCommodore May 19, 2013

Yeah, I disappeared for a bit. Now I get to play catch up, but I don't seem to have missed anything other than Psycho-Pass and FtNW.

Basically I blame my watching GoT on the lack of interesting anime lately. Well, that and because these eyebrows are on one of the main characters' faces: (SWOON). I've only read the first 2, but I'm preeeeetty sure Martin said there will only be seven- though the man is taking his sweet time writing them, so I guess it's possible he'll up and die before then. Personally I'd find that hilarious- fanboy rage is the best, and I've never been bothered much by perma-cliffhangers.