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hiya im addicted to Animes and im against Mangas... reason?

1. i would love to have a big collection but i cant because i cant find any at my area :(

2. i dont like to read them online

3. they dont have sound

4. most of the time they are colorless

5. sometimes they spoil the fun of animes

Well there isnt much more to say about me i guess... i just have to mention that

 im also addicted to Final Fantasy (especially to X) so if u are a fan let me know ;P

i have played the VIII, VII (dirge of cerberus), 12, X-2 and the X

My favourite character is Vincent (VII dirge of cerberus) and this is where i took this nickname from.

i also like music with sick bass... Hardstyle, Hip Hop and tons of over kind of music

i like the songs of BIGBANG (japanese crew)

ermmm my favourite things....

My fav. food: kokoretsi xD

My fav. tree: sakura (cherry trees)

My fav. country: Japan of course ;P

My fav. car: Toyota supra

My fav. colour: White and Blue <3

My fav anime sites:



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yuki1496 Sep 12, 2010

Its k dude

yuki1496 Aug 29, 2010

BBBBBOOOOOO how is you

yuki1496 May 8, 2010

it isnt i wach a lot of anime but im just to bizzy at the moment to change it

yuki1496 May 6, 2010

yay ur on!!!

MJW Mar 26, 2010

I am Kenzi aka MJW, I am 14 going on 15. I really dont live in Ireland, I am just am obsesed with it and i luv text talk. I can B verry shy at times... I luv funny guys who are sweet, and i luv to talk. u diint need that much info tho. I am Irish and many other cultures. I have a pale complexion and long wavy-curly hair that is a light-dark shade. My eyes r a deep brown and they will turn blue according to Luna. goodbye and have a nice life