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マジでなむたすぎる ... アニメ見すぎwww -------------------------------------------------- Yes I am Japanese and please ignore my cringy 12 year old comments


Anime genre timeline 

First - Action 

Second - Romance 

Third - Sad / Depressing shit 

Fourth (now) mecha for some reason 

My favourite anime is Danganronpa (its cheating cause it's mainly game > anime) because of the vast land of plot thought out the whole franchise, Most of the games (not Danganronpa two) made me realize that how fascinating this anime world is. Characters will never make you bored and the plot is legit 10/10 the only downside is that the ending is kinda cliche, but only like 1/8 level of cliche and I must agree that first season of Danganronpa is really shit cause it doesn't make any sense, plus the HOPE and DESPAIR arc will make no sense if you haven't played any of the games. But overall this anime is 10/10.

My favourite anime game is NieR: Automata, I honestly don't know where to start but here goes, NieR is about fallen humanity where androids support the human being, but in the end, it gets really deep and you WILL get mind fucked. There are alternative endings but all ends depressing and there are parts, part one and two where (i shouldn't say shit) but average... but that was just a stepping stone for the depressing ending. In the end, it tells you why life is really important and not to give up. 

Masterpiece - Kimi no na wa / Koe no katachi 

Action - Black bullet / Sword art online ordinal scale (and the 1/2 of SAO first seaon) / Tokyo ghoul

Romance - Koi to uso / Yamada kun and seven witches 

Mystery - DANGANRONPA - I still fucking hate monokuma -> ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━ 

SI-FI - Steins;Gate

Fantasy- Re:zero / Rage of Bahamut / Fullmetal Alchemist / Maquia

Mecha - ValVrave (for sure ),  Aldonah and Code geass 

Supernatural - Charlotte <3 


Slice of life - Welcome to N.H.K

The shit that made me cry   - Plastic memories / Charlotte / Golden time 

My favourite waifu / yome 

Kirigiri Kyoko 

Shouko Nishimiya

Nao Tomori

Kurisu Makise

Emilia tan <3 


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jenore Jun 12, 2018

that would be torture to the monkey

ElNendo Mar 28, 2018

So you're up to FMA finally? GREAT! My heart cried reading your comment on Shou Tucker. Better don't remember me of that horrible piece of **** :'( 

ElNendo Nov 6, 2017

btw: Happy birthday I guess 

ElNendo Nov 5, 2017

You got any special recommendations of depressing animes? I know, romantic animes can lighten up your mood. I'm depressed way to often so I started watching them ;)

I don't answer comments regularly, cause I don't get them on my mobile, please forgive me :P

ElNendo Oct 27, 2017

Hey, yeah most of the time i try to avoid mecha animes :D but u r right aldnoah zero gives proof of a good mecha.... maybe i'll try some more later^^ But right now I'm looking for other genres ;)