Gender: Female
Hair Color: Orange
Rank #4,464
Rank #54
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Anime Roles

Akame ga Kill! Secondary
Akame ga Kill! Theater Minor

Manga Roles

Akame ga Kill! Secondary
Akame ga Kill! 1.5 Minor

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HorrorSeries Jul 28, 2020

I loved hating her lol

Hakugyokuro13 Jul 8, 2020

Ain't that the bitch who killed sheele?

ShiKiMi Jul 2, 2020

Great villain. I love her face expression when she's fighting.(sorry for my english)

atamreF Jun 29, 2020

Seryuu is my favorite character in the franchise. I find myself intrigued by her psychology. I wish she received development, but I am unsure if anybody as unstable and brainwashed as her could alter their ways, so I will not hold a lack of growth against her, as said staticity is realistic given her circumstances. Her behaviors are repetitious and simplistic, but they are well-reasoned and pertinent to her underlying intricacy as a character. She serves as an original symbol of the human condition at its extreme and how people at war tend to dehumanize each other to cope with their internalized remorse and insecurities. I feel her character also targets the fact compulsory religion can derange the psyche and result in instinctual, willful, or subliminal ignorance. She believes what she wishes to believe; she has been bred and indoctrinated to preserve the government's authority, resulting in the inheritance of their monotonous ideals. She drilled the notion of justice into her head to justify her motives to herself and conceal her inborn sadism. It boosts her confidence to fit her denotation of righteousness and find an excuse to exercise her impulses.

Nevertheless, she does experience sympathy for some, which is displayed when she offers directions to citizens, mourns the demises of her comrades whom she has been conditioned into believing are devoid of guilt, and plays with children. She does not know many of these people or their views, but she assists them despite this. Had she been placed on a healthier pathway, I theorize she would have been able to live a saner life. She has her quirks such as her tomboyish taste in fashion. She idolizes others. She implanted machinery into her limbs and trained fervently to support her nation because she genuinely loved its people. Her characterization was largely implied rather than enumerated, so it is sensible for people to skip over these details, but these are my findings. I am open to an alternative perspective. In the end, this is a mere interpretation.

I frequently state this, but I feel a need to address it again --- morals are man-made constructs crafted by those of authority and gradually ingrained in human nature over the course of generations to maintain order; any concept an organism creates is innately subjective. This includes validity, values, ownership, quality, and other systems of judgement. In short, it cannot be factually determined whether Seryuu's actions were moral or immoral, nor can anybody confirm Seryuu is a well-written or poorly-written character. The standards I employ to define and measure quality rate her highly, but this need not apply to others.

MisakiSimp Jun 23, 2020

A true hero of justice, my fav character alongside esdeath.

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