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RRRNIER Apr 1, 2018

Yea dude I was legit leaving this anime to last cause all my friends top anime is fma so when the time came i was hyped and there was no regret.

RRRNIER Nov 6, 2017

lol my birthdays on August but ty XD

RRRNIER Oct 28, 2017

Depressing genre is one of my favourite genres, but if you depressed watch romance to lighten up your mood :3 

RRRNIER Oct 22, 2017

Hey~ no problem ive been recommending anime to everyone but some of then they like and some of them they dont so glad you liked it. Also if youve been watching quite a while u should try mecha... at first I legit hated mecha but Aldonah made it better and Valvarave just made it 100% better (and also code geass) but if you dont want to all g :3 well for this season Junni taisen is the way to go!

Ps Ive followed you so I can tell you some good shit 


Sianeka Aug 31, 2017

Just realized you thought my "Hail"  was a "Heil" - although they are similar and sound the same, not at ALL the same implications!!!