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Villaj09 Oct 2, 2017

Well it's a super power anime! We're having super powers ,or "quirks" as they call it is very common. And it's a show about a bunch of youngsters training to be professional heros! I think Its super great show

andreichekov Oct 2, 2017

I happened to come across your page in my meanderings through AP. (and since I started working in food service that makes me think of arnold palmer... :S )

Annnnywayyy, reading your profile through my sleep deprived eyes, and sorry I don't remember most of it, but you said a thing about JRPGs, which I like, but am really bad at finding. Well, I mean I don't try to look for them, and just hope they fall into my lap. So, I was wondering if you could suggest some please.

PS. I only have a PC. (which in this case most definitely means personal computer, not processed cheese.)

Have a nice whatever time it is when you read this.

Emoticons make me anxious and insecure. Assume a smile.

pikachu25 Sep 30, 2017

Hello, im doing good thanks ^^ and you? :D

here was hot too but sometimes in where i leave the weather changes XD im waiting the colder days comming soon :D

and it was good, but im still think there need a 2nd season because on the manga appears more interesting the story :o

prigon Sep 30, 2017

i get that feeling too, but i think re creators get interesting at some point though i dont remember when so it just means its  ot worth watching. maybe you should try something else.

DoodlebugFour Sep 30, 2017

Some Danganronpa V3 Voice Clips

Best Girl with Best Voice Miu Iruma

Space Daddy Kamina Kaito Momota

Worst Girl with worst voice Tsumugi Shirogane

2B Maid Kuroyukihime Kirumi Toujou

And Fab Supreme Ruler Kokichi Ouma