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Dracarys20 Mar 28, 2018

You are super lucky to have gotten the autograph of GRRM!! I have not read the books so i'm just a fan of the TV show. But i have gone through the history of the world, the conspiracy theories. Everything!! Hehe so a GoT ques to you! What was the most controversial thing you saw on the show!?

Probably the most memorable moments of Mahoutsukai was the cats' arc. Definitely didn't expect it to be so dark and i liked that twist. I liked the tragedy and another part i liked are the OVAS. The atmosphere, the sad story of the characters definitely touched me. Also the mysterious,magical library was a treat to the eyes^^ HbU?

I have a lot to sort out in A-P :P The only anime i'm watching is One Piece and Mawaru Penguindrum at the moment. And also because this week is a dead week as everything i was watching has ended. But the new season looks lit! So I'm so excited for it. Do share your watch-list with me so that we know what are the anime we will be watching in common^^


Dracarys20 Mar 25, 2018

Hello! I'm so sorry i replied so late!! I didn't login for a long while and missed your comment...

Kona is my friend yeah and i just finished Mahoutsukai! How did you find it?

My username is from Game Of Thrones as you guessed and i'm a big fan of it :D

I used to be really active before but now i slack a lot. I will try to login regularly now. But yeah again i'm really sorry to be that late with your comment...

Hope to talk to you sometime soon^^ 

alessandroempire Mar 21, 2018

Thanks for following me back! Nice profile btw! I see you have a lot of "want to watch"! good luck finishing them all :D 

Szejmi Mar 12, 2018

Thanl you too ^^

Slarkero Feb 28, 2018

You're welcome ^^ and thank you.