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Just Made Myself a Youtube Playlist of Favorite Anime Opening Songs if anyone is Interested

Greetings, for the sake of privacy, i shall be refered through Anime-Planet as Doodlebug. It is an affectionate nickname from my mother. Is it embarrassing to be refer to as that, yes. The four represents that I am the fourth person in the bloodline to be refer to a name.

I also made a profile on in case you are curious on my taste in VA. As well as a MyAnimeList profile and recently a Twitter.

Likes: Lounging, Video Game Music, TvTropes, Critiquing, "So Bad, it's Good" film, anime, music etc., English Dubs done justice, Filler that contributes to the show, watching reviews. Marvel Comics related stuff that isn't MCU or SJW Pandering (X-Men being my fav).

Dislikes: Full On Mary Sues, Bland Leads, Fallen Heroes done wrong (Sausage Unchiha being a prime examples), Overblown Melodrama for the sake of it, Weeaboos, Dub Haters (It's no longer the 80's, people), Major Karma Houdinis, Character Flanderization/Derailment (Spongebob and Family Guy comes to mind), Fillers that dosent't contribute anything to the show, Pointless Comic Reliefs, Overshadowing Fanservice, Power of Friendship as a Deus Ex Machina (Natsu from Fairy Tits im looking at you!), Crazy Shippers. poor anime adaptations, and harems where it is blantantly obivous who the Lead will end up with(coughSwordArtOnlinecough).

Favorite Anime OSTs: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Texhnolyze, Black Butler, Berserk, Ergo Proxy, Bleach, Speed Grapher, GITS:SAC, .Hack//SIGN, Noir, and Brigadoon.

Favorite Video Game Stories: NieR (forget Clannad, this is an even more tragic and complex Faughter-Daughter story), Parasite Eve 1&2 (3rd Birthday can rot in obscurity), Rule of Rose, Silent Hill 1-3, Persona 2 Duology, Shadow Hearts Series, Xenogears, The two Zero Escape Games "999" and "Virtue's Last Reward", and KOTOR 2.

Favorite Video Game OSTs: NieR (and Drakengard 3, Emi Evans FTW), Most of the Shin Megami Tensei Games, Xenogears,The World Ends With You, Parasite Eve, Most of the Final Fantasy games, Seiken Densetsu 3, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Chrono Trigger & Cross, Rule of Rose, Kingdom Hearts Series, Zero Escape Series, Classic Spyro the Dragon osts, Classic Silent Hill osts, Blazblue, Shadow Hearts Series, Fire Emblem, Legend of Legaia, and .Hack series.

Upcoming games I look forward to at the moment: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghosts of Tsushima, Metal Wolf Chaos, Next Kiseki Arc, and Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Yaoi Guy Type: Silent Seme, 7th Deadliest Sin: Sloth, Fav Color: Blue

Profile Pics: Ryo Takatsuki and the other 3 ARMS users from Project ARMS (An overlooked and entertainaly corny Fighting Shonen that's basically Nanomachines meets Alice in Wonderland. Though the anime is a flawed adaptation of its Manga Source Material. lol)

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TsumiMitzuki Dec 7, 2019

I picture Noctis being as one,hahaha.

Also that engrish,holy shit.

TsumiMitzuki Nov 19, 2019

Interesting lineup.

TsumiMitzuki Nov 11, 2019

Yo,I just have a random thought:my personal take on female seiyuus for genderbend FFXV's cast.Thoughts on them?

Noctis-Ai Kayano

Prompto-Shizuka Ito

Ignis-Ayako Kawasumi

Gladio-Chiaki Takahashi/Mitsuki Saiga

AnimeJunkee Nov 6, 2019

Nope, never heard of Project Arms before.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 30, 2019

I don't play Silent Hill,but those are great choices.I would say the newer VAs like Yuma Uchida need more support too.

Prompto's EN VA is doing Merlin?Sweet.Have you caught up on the Babylonia anime btw?