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JapanFreak Dec 22, 2017

i played the vn for clannad and little busters... but rewrite was confusing as f and didnt finish it

thx but i need to work on my profile all my pics dissapeared

FullmetalDragon Dec 15, 2017

Hey! Pretty good thanks, how've you been?

No worries ^^ You're welcome :D Yeah, they're both pretty interesting in their own ways... 

Yeah, I'm finding it pretty interesting. For some reason I find something's a bit off about it, but there are some seriously cute moments that toatally make up for that :3 What do you think about it?

DoodlebugFour Dec 14, 2017

Im doing good, just finally moved into a new home in a another state, and have the new furniture in downstairs :D

Was Hoping NieR Automata would win, though P5 is a solid game (Though in terms of writing, Persona 2 is still the best in the series). At least it's not FF15 or Star Ocean 5 that won.

Oh and Black Clover is an uninspired turd where it's clear the writer just ripped off whatever scenes from his fav shonens and shove them in there and manages to execute it worse. Dosen't stop Funimation and Crunchyroll trying to bill this as the next Naruto, to the point of airing the english dub version on Toonami (At least Asta has a decent english VA who screams don't grate).

aruta Dec 5, 2017

Hey sorry for the late reply ^_^ Yeah i dont kn why i usually drop an anime after the 3rd episode if its not good. So idk one day i might try watching them lol I recommend watching ben to or air gear

JapanFreak Nov 25, 2017

Hi nice to meet you! I like both your profile and Wagakki Band xd