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 ✩ Hello everyone! I'm Elly and I've been watching anime since I can remember. I've had my ups and downs because of the studies, work, and other activities, but I've never stopped watching anime for too long. I've seen stuff I can't even remember, but I will try to update my list accurately. I've not rated anything yet because I am trying to be as sincere as I can, and I tend to include mostly the works I really like on my list and that makes it even more difficult. >_<

✩ I like all sorts of anime, but I'm especially interested in these types: action, comedy, mystery, fantasy, supernatural, horror, drama, romance, violence, vampires, demons, school life, slice of life, sci fi, samurai, ninja, assassins, ecchi, etc. What I enjoy the most is a good story and deep character development. I can watch several shows at the same time, even if they are already entirely available. By doing this I'm able to prolong the experience and give it time to sink in, while I'm also absorbed or occupied with other stuff. ∞✍ ^_^

✩ I also like reading, manga, music, video games, and visual novel games. I especially enjoy JRPG games like Final Fantasy and Persona games and Visual Novel games due to them englobing most of the things I like in one single experience; the anime/manga art style and enveloping story and music. This way you are allowed to interact with the world, making choices that affect the storyline, changing perspective on things, getting to know the characters in a more profound way, and you can actually get directly involved with them emotionally. ♥❤ *o*

✩ I also love music and I listen to all styles depending on my current mood. It may be Classical music, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Fusion, Electronic, Ambient, etc. And if the artists aren't attached to a single style, all the better; I prefer creativity and freedom over restrictions in art. One of my favorite bands is Wagakki Band, and I love how they blend J-Rock/J-Pop with more tradicional japanese playing! 🎹 🎸🎻🎺🎷🎤. ^o^

✩ I really enjoy music themed shows like K-On!! ↓ ^u^

✩ I also love the sea, the sky, the nightsky, stargazing, and nature in general! ↓ ♒ ☼


✩ I'm using Kuroyukihime, a master gamer from Accel World, as my avatar! ↓ ^w^

✩ I'm a member of the Girl Gamer Character Club by KonaIzumi! It's not active anymore! ↓ >_<


✩ I'm also a member of the Yato Fans Club by Bfields! Talk to her if you'd like to join! ↓ ^_^

 ✩ I'm a supporter of WECO! Click on the banner below for more information! ↓ ^_^

✩ You can access my a-p forum profile page by clicking on my signature banner! ↓

✩ You can also find me on myanimelist.net, click on my mal profile pic to access it! ↓

✩ If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them!


✩ Thank you for your visit! ♪ ^o^7


✩ Happy Holidays! \ ^o^ /


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Dracarys20 Apr 14, 2019

Finally the wait will be over tomorrow!! I don't think i will be able to sleep tonight tbh :P

I really hope that no more Starks has to die-but will probably not be the case... I also hope to see Cersei's last prophecy abt the Valonqar taking her life-may it be Jaime. I can't wait to see Jon and Arya back together. As well as Jaime and Bran. So many characters coming back together. The 1st ep will be amazing! 

We can talk abt each ep over here if you dont mind^^ I'm always in for a good GoT discussion!

Well then, get yourself and your tissues ready for the finale season of GoT! Enjoy the little time we have left :P

Dracarys20 Jan 30, 2019

Don't worry about the long comments, i enjoy reading them. :D

Actually even if i haven't read the books, i watched a lot of GoT theory videos alomgside history videos so i understand what you are saying. I'm really a GoT nerd.

But anyway, i do want to believe that the dragon with 3 heads is Jon, Dany and Tyrion. Their mothers's die giving birth to them too. And like Jon, Tyrion was able to touch the dragons! Also that would explain the hatred Tywin has for Tyrion. I do believe that the Mad King had raped Joanna Lannister.

It would have been so cool if Bran is behind the craziness of the Mad King. Messed up too because he burnt Bran's grandfather... 

Also what do you think of GoT's prequel? I would love to see it even if they will change the cast. I hope they show us Valyria in all its glory!! :D Thats a place i really wanted to see ever since i saw its ruins!

Vashyron Jan 28, 2019

Hello kawaii lady Elly, my apologies for late reply. I had 5 shifts of 12 hours non stop now and been drained out, sort of and this sunday i am leaving for Hungary for business trip for 3 weeks so it was hectic period :)

I am glad to see you laugh, there's nothing more refreshing than smiling lady 

Well i have to wonder if such description would really inspire someone, especially that of mine, it's hard to imagine :D  And especially with the first lines being kind of dark.To be honest it's a message to a certain friends, a siblings that broke my heart but if they ever read it , I can only speculate :3

Whaaaa' !  seriously? I can't imagine such enormous super hyper mega ultra big profile :D at least,  i am not going through many just randomly so i haven't encountered such one yet :) 

And what's up? are you currently watching something? I see you like music themed shows. Have you watched seasons of Nodame Cantabile? or a little bit more romantic and sweet  La corda d'oro :) 

I hope you are doing well , sending best regards

ForeverGlows Jan 25, 2019

No problem at all! always happy to introduce new shows to people

what about you, do you have any recommendations? or any favourites you would want people to watch?

hahaha i do hear a lot of puns and jokes regarding my name but that is not the worst of them. the worst is probably "you must be out of this world" or something like that LOL like if ur going to make puns please be original that is all i ask ^^ 

ForeverGlows Jan 24, 2019

Oh no problem at all! i don't mind lol 

is that so? maybe i skipped over them when looking at what you've already watched! sorry ^^

you wanna watch the fate series like this: fate/zero, fate/zero 2, unlimited bladeworks prolouge, unlimited blade works 1 & 2 (there's also an unlimited blade works movie but its optional as it is just a recap film) then heavens feels movies (only two are out, the last one is scheduled to come out soon but it will be awhile before we can get subs for it) then you can go ahead and watch all of the spin offs (or you can watch them first) as they do not belong in the main series but are apart of the universe. 

also i could use the good karma like really badly LOL oh btw you can call me Star! and no that is not an alias, that's my actual name haha.