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My favourite show of all time is SDF Mscross.

I don't wtch as much as I used to. I have less free time, and also tend to be more critical of shows, so it's harder to find something that actually catches my attention.

Manga is usually better than anime.

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Qifrey Jun 22, 2022

i totally forgot i even marked COTW! i actually just rewatched and finished it yesterday, finished the whole anime in a day (not so proud of that). i guess i should mark it as watched now, thank u for unintentionally reminding me 🫶🏼

StrafeLeft Jun 19, 2020

Eyo chief, I agree with you, Unbalance x3 is trash.

ElTrio1 May 4, 2020

"Hi! Thanks for responding pleasantly. I was trying to say my opinion tactfully, and I guess it worked? :)

The part about the music that lost me was how there would be a fight and the music sounds like silly carnival music. It would catch my attention, and then draw it away from what was happening.

Basically, I was planning to write a review of it, but you had already written the first half of my review as the pros, so I figured I'd just comment the cons of the show.

Everything aside, I will watch literally anything isekai, no matter how bad it is. Bofuri wasn't the worst I've seen.

Have you seen Charlotte? I just finished it. It left me very emotional and uhhhh. I don't know how to describe "girly" feelings. (I'm not trying to insult)

I suggest everyone watch it. It is one of few anime that get a 10/10. (except the music, it's distracting. but that's every anime :S"

I haven't really noticed the music take away from anything for me. I've found myself watching a lot of isekai anime not seeking them out persay, but watching when I see one that sounds interesting or different. I haven't watched Charlotte, but I'll try to remember to check it out soon. Ascendance of a Bookworm has been one of my favorites recently, happens to be an isekai as well. 

ElTrio1 Apr 13, 2020

I'm watching through Bofuri for a second time (with friends this time) and I didn't notice any issue with the music before. Next time I watch some with friends, I'll see if I notice what you're referencing.
Also I'm well aware people like to hate on stuff, which is why I felt the need to be sure that I shared my opinion of enjoying it publicly. lol No one else has to feel the same way about it, but some may still watch and enjoy it so I wanted them to know it wasn't terrible in everyone's opion. ;)
I also found your response humorous in that you said it's not a good show... but you enjoyed it. To me enjoying it is enough to say I liked it and it was good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

VlN Apr 4, 2020

I do not have the discipline to work for myself. If I decide my own schedule I get literally nothing done. I am impressed (and a little envious) of your talent. I need deadlines and someone else to hold me accountable.

I live just outside the city boundary of Seattle. So it takes me about 5 minutes to get there, but getting to downtown with all the cool stuff (theatres, music halls... etc) takes an hour. Traveling from one side of Seattle to another takes 1.5 hours. It's not me, I don't have any friends. :( I'm bad at maintaining personal connections.

What about ketchup? Have you seen Dr. Stone? It is one of the few anime that has come out recently that I've really enjoyed.

I'm russian (andrei...yes?) and fairly religious. We always have 8 weeks of being vegan before easter. Uh, but I can eat shrimp. Apparently my church thinks that shrimp is a vegetable. BUUUT, with my diet right now that and nuts are my only protein (I hate beans), so I've been eating shrimp like a monster.

Did you guess that I'm russian? Or is this your first time thinking of it? 

Have you seen Shelter? (it is my mission in life to make sure everyone ever sees it. I even showed my mom. XD

Oh, and in good news, I have a job interview tomorrow! :D :D :D I'm going to try working in a grocery store for a bit. Wish me luck!


no i haven't seen dr. stone, but i'm glad you enjoyed it ! i haven't watched any new anime recently.. hmm most recent would be the 'disastrous life of saiki k' buuuut i got a little bored so currently it's on my stalled list. definitely would like to finish it though, it was pretty unique !

oh hmmm i never even really thought what your username was.. but now that you say russian i definitely get it *russian facepalm*.... shrimp as a vegetable ? that's the silliest ever.. they don't even live on land, how would they grow out of the ground ? o_e

i have seen shelter ! sad to say i hardly even remember it but it's just a short video so maybe i will go watch it right after i finish this reply (; did your mom like it ? 

gaaaahhh sorry i'm late but how did it go ? a grocery store is nice... be careful of the virus though !