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peachgirl30 May 28, 2018

Thank you for folowing me:)

BeckaPanda Apr 2, 2018

Elly-chan~! \(^v^)/

Yeah, adulthood hit me hard after i finished my degree. Work was hard to get, that made paychecks tight, and stuff just.. yeah, things changed and I became an adult over the night it feels like almost :p The short version: My stress level went straight up to almost maximum, and I got sick from it. I'm doing much better now and I got tings going my way a little more, but hey, life is boring without a few bumps, isn't it? ^^ How are you doing, over a month since I heard from you last (my bad! TT^TT)

My christmas was awesome, food, family, friends, a tiny amount og snow :) 

Oh My! That sounds so wonderfull! I would love to see and smell the threes ! <3

It's easter here now, and it's not until now that our snow starts melting and we get warm weather. After new year it was like the sky just opened and the snow just *ploosh*, meter high snow! I can go outside right now and the shoveled snow is up to my hip. We're in april damn it! Looking forward to warmer spring.

My anime list of right now is going slow, I had a sick period where I attacked my anime list and just try and clean it a little. But as of right now, I started K and The ancient Magus' Bride(did I spell that right?), Oh and uhm, My teen romantic comedy SNAFU. My concentration really sucks right now with books and shows, so I cansit down, start it, aaaand then I can't sit still >< 

Never played the games of Danganronpa, and I am pretty sure I just saw one arc way before I should. So I skipped one arc I think, hihi, I'm a master at that XP Have you played the games? What is the big difference between the game and anime?

Have you found some shows other than anime you enjoy yet? ^u^ As of right now I have only read out volume 6, but I see the differences in the anime and the manga already. Small changes like when we see backstories etc. I have seen both seasons of AOT, so right now there isn't much new when I'm reading the manga, but I now that the manga goes longer than the anime, so I'm exited for that *u*

Oh no no, I have no problem with long replies! This time it was me with a very late reply, gomene~

Hope you are doing good , and hope to talk soon! Mata ne! ^u^7

FullmetalDragon Mar 30, 2018

Hey! Not too bad, how are you?

Ah, I'm still super behind on Mahoutsukai no Yome, but I finished Kokkoku! I really enjoyed it! I thought the whole concept was pretty interesting, and the characters were pretty great too :D

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KonaIzumi Mar 29, 2018

Konnichiwa ~~ Hope we got some news for a second season soon!

Dracarys20 Mar 28, 2018

You are super lucky to have gotten the autograph of GRRM!! I have not read the books so i'm just a fan of the TV show. But i have gone through the history of the world, the conspiracy theories. Everything!! Hehe so a GoT ques to you! What was the most controversial thing you saw on the show!?

Probably the most memorable moments of Mahoutsukai was the cats' arc. Definitely didn't expect it to be so dark and i liked that twist. I liked the tragedy and another part i liked are the OVAS. The atmosphere, the sad story of the characters definitely touched me. Also the mysterious,magical library was a treat to the eyes^^ HbU?

I have a lot to sort out in A-P :P The only anime i'm watching is One Piece and Mawaru Penguindrum at the moment. And also because this week is a dead week as everything i was watching has ended. But the new season looks lit! So I'm so excited for it. Do share your watch-list with me so that we know what are the anime we will be watching in common^^