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ForeverGlows Jan 25, 2019

Oh no problem at all! i don't mind lol 

is that so? maybe i skipped over them when looking at what you've already watched! sorry ^^

you wanna watch the fate series like this: fate/zero, fate/zero 2, unlimited bladeworks prolouge, unlimited blade works 1 & 2 (there's also an unlimited blade works movie but its optional as it is just a recap film) then heavens feels movies (only two are out, the last one is scheduled to come out soon but it will be awhile before we can get subs for it) then you can go ahead and watch all of the spin offs (or you can watch them first) as they do not belong in the main series but are apart of the universe. 

also i could use the good karma like really badly LOL oh btw you can call me Star! and no that is not an alias, that's my actual name haha.

ForeverGlows Jan 24, 2019

Glad to hear it! 

This is actually my third account lol i've been on here since late 2014, during that time there was no option for name changing and i'm a really indecisive person so as you can imagine .... lol

hm i haven't been watching that much either lately but i'm just starting to get back into the groove of it. 

Not really sure what kinds of anime you'd like. BUT, i saw you liked music anime or anime relating to music so watch nodame cantabile! it's a really good romcom set in a classical music school, and seeing your want to watch list you should definitely watch:

the index/railgun series. actually i am, is also a really good romcom (tbh i liked the manga better but its still a good watch)

clannad is also a good series i remember watching it back before anime streaming sites were as good as they are now on youtube in three parts LOL its been awhile.

the fate series is also good bUT PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE STUDIO DEEN VERSION, we fate fans dont talk about that version. ever. stick with ufotable's version its basically same story but way better animation. (lmk if you need help in which order it needs to be watched in bc its difficult but most of the series is either just spinoffs or recaps)

natsume yuuchinjou it's a nice relaxing series. one of my favourites

re:creators it was one of the best anime of 2017 imo

tasogare otomexamnesia, it's one of my favourite romance/mystery series bUT THE ANIME DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE. manga is far better. (still a really good watch though)

that's all from your want to watch list that i deemed mentionable worthy. now i shall do my own watched list.

asobi asobase, SO FUNNY LMAO 

anime-gataris, whats a fourth wall?

ef - a tale of memories/melodies, tragic love stories? ya i like it. 

flip flappers, gay magical girls. 

gosick, idk i like mysteries with cute girls (´・ω・`)

heaven's memopad, another mystery with another cute girl (´・ω・`)

march comes in like a lion, one of the most realistic dipictions of mental health and depression in literally any media let alone anime imo it has deep complex characters but not to the point where the story is convoluted bullshit. 

selector infected wixoss and selector spread wixoss, just think madoka meets yugioh (after these two seasons dont watch lostorage wixoss, it was disappointing)

the pilot's love song, idk how to describe it. romanc and planes. there u go. 

wotakoi: love is hard for an otaku REALLY GOOD. I WANT SEASON TWO. 

well thats all i have to recommend. im sorry this is so long LMAO. its been awhile since ive sat down and had a conversation about anime with someone. 

Dracarys20 Jan 24, 2019

It could be! Bran's powers are so powerful and ancient, anything can happen. Do you think it is possible that the three-eyed raven was Bran and he tought his younger self? Also he was told that "You won't walk again but you will fly" do you think he will warg into one of the dragons? What if he wargs into the dead dragon the Night king is using. Makes sense he will right?

It will be a good way to end for Dany, a cruel truth. Good ending? I don't think so... Its GoT. When i think about it, the Red Wedding always comes to mind. It was the hardest ep i had to go through and the most tragic in my opinion.

What about Cersei? I'm sure she is gonna die. By Valonqar who do you think it is? Jaime or Tyrion. I think its Jaime because it would make sense. Just like he killed the mad King, he is going to kill Cersei who is going crazy. All her kids are dead just like the premonition said. Killed by her true love. I would have preferred Arya to do it, it would have been so epic! But she could still change her face... Hmmm... so many theories:P

ForeverGlows Jan 24, 2019

Hello! i'm doing okay i suppose, what about you? Thanks for the follow back ^^

Dracarys20 Jan 20, 2019

Hi! Hope you are doing well! I read your comment days ago but forgot to reply! I'm so sorry!^^;

Indeed i believe that not everything is going to end well for everybody by the end. Its GoT and of course, good endings can never happen. And i think that's why we all love the show so much...

Did you happen to see the teaser they showed us. About Jon, Sansa and Arya in the crypts of Winterfell? Feels like a really bad omen. The whole show from the beginning focused on who was going to sit on that throne but in the end, this doesn't matter. If the White Walkers cross Winterfell, everyone will be doomed. Skeletons will sit on that throne. I do not think that Dany will be able to get what she wants, i feel like she might die or find something even more important to do. Out of the Stark kids, i think Bran will survive because of what he has become and he may influence the past or even the future. Like he did of Hodor! Or he may be Bran The Builder himself! But who knows what will happen when the new season comes out. 

See You!