Asuka Langley SORYU

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suiren85 Mar 18, 2018

total b*tch!

inf1d3l Jan 25, 2018

The perfect example of a really bad tsundere. This bitch can fock off and die.

miubot Dec 21, 2017


my wife

i would pay her to hit me w a mecha

DormantDoll Jun 29, 2017

I think you people are missing the point. If you think about it, she plays a similar role to Rei Ayanami. I have not watched this anime, nor do I intend to, but both Asuka and Rei have been two of the most influential anime characters there are. Tsundere and kuudere wouldn't exist if it weren't for them. Modern anime has converted them into nothing but plotless comedy, but these two were the original idea, and they were represented so well that they impacted anime for decades to come. That in itself deserves everyone's awe and respect, whether you like Asuka or not. 

IceBeam13 Mar 16, 2017

 Fucking cunt...