Asuka Langley SORYU

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uncaringbear Jul 4, 2019

Sometimes characters are designed to be unlikeable or deeply flawed. They're given negative personlaity traits because they're meant to contrast with the other characters, and to push the story forward. I think a lot of people miss this point with Asuka. Just because she isn't adorable waifu material, it doesn't mean she isn't an effective and meaningful character.

TsumiMitzuki Apr 9, 2019


A female character acting all pushy,abrasive and an overall bitch does not always make them strong and good.

MattC230 Mar 30, 2019

Even if she has a reason for being an annoying bitch, I still think she's an annoying bitch.

Now, I don't mind that sort of girl if there are are some attractive qualities towards them. Sadly, Asuka does not offer anything like that at all. She's just as whiny and insecure as Shinji, only she tries to mask it with her bitchiness and arrogance.

So basically, she's a douchebag stuck in a bitch's body.

KotoriFan190 Mar 10, 2019

I'm probably in the minority, but I just don't like Asuka.

While she isn't as annoying as Louise from Familiar of Zero or Misty from Pokémon, she's definitely not someone I'd like as a person.

Maybe it's my personal sensitivity, but I can't stand a girl like that.

ValidUsername Feb 12, 2019

It's funny how Asuka is hated when she is responsible for what Eva fans think this anime is so special (desconstruction, personality deepening, etc). Asuka made the anime much more enjoyable and interesting with her livid personality, and the complexity of her character and her relationship with the protagonist. I like how she isn't afraid of showing her emotions, she is expressive.