Asuka Langley SORYU

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Mio Mar 20, 2015

One of my top three most hated female characters of all time.

Please go die a slow and painful death....oh wait..

KnightOfCydonia Mar 11, 2015

Jesus Christ where to begin.

1.) tsundere

2.) Bitchy brat who bitches to everyone

3.) 65% percent of the people who like her are 13-20 year olds who want to bang her..blehh.

IanSmith96 Feb 27, 2015

I hate tsundere's.

FlutterBOSS Jan 2, 2015

I really liked her. Is that so weird? 

AnberlinEve Nov 16, 2014

Well, compared to the emotionless Ayanami Rei, I can see how this tsundere bitchy little girl is hated on by most people. Still, in the end she's just like the others, a little kid who's gone through so much psychological traumatic shit. That's why she's turned out this way and you can't fault her for that. It's a well written character and realistic to boot. Some parents damage their kids and this is the result. Which is why while I'm not heads over heels for her, I won't hate on her shallow attributes because they carry a much deeper meaning in the show.