Asuka Langley SORYU

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LorekeeperZinnia Jul 13, 2019

Oh, and Asuka is fucking awesome, btw.

LorekeeperZinnia Jul 13, 2019

Am I the only one who gets SERIOUS incel vibes from many of the comments here?

TheIllIntent Jul 13, 2019

Also, Huinn's big comment here was SO LAUGHABLY WRONG that I just have to lampoon it. To quote Asuka herself, "are you STUPID?"

Asuka, a terrible person? Depends on your perception. But not a well-written character? Pull that head of you'rs out of your ass.

Asuka's fond of video games, swimming, reading trashy magazines, gymnastics, pursuing older dudes, showing off, fighting, etc. We know quite a good deal about her hobbies. Her "existence revolves around being the best EVA-pilot" because that's how she gets attention, adulation, respect and validation from others. The kind that she did NOT get from her mother and CANNOT get since her mother killed herself ON THE DAY ASUKA GOT CHOSEN TO BE AN EVA-PILOT. On a day that should have been big for little Asuka, a day where she should've gotten congragulated by her mother and made her proud, her mother took her own life, denying Asuka of this, leaving a deep void in her heart that she's always been looking to fill ever since. This shaped Asuka into who she is, as a CHILD. Not only does she have a ton of personality, but there is very clear psychological depth and meaning behind her regular behavior, and it is frankly astounding that you missed it. That really takes a whole new level of oblivious ignorance.

Asuka acts out in a way that she thinks will make her look superior to others her age and more "grown up" for someone her age so that she gains respect and reverence from others. She puts on this front because if she doesn't act like a superior person, she can't make herself believe she is one, and if she can't make herself believe she is one, then she has to face the reality of being a usable and ultimately expendable child soldier who not much people really give a damn about. The way she always thinks about herself and how she displays it with so much arrogance and snippiness is not healthy, and not meant to be seen as such. Everything about how Asuka regularly behaves is a damaged child's cry for help, but one that's masked by over-confidence and a desire to be recognized. Of course she's selfish, of course she wants the praise of others. She's a messed up kid, and that is to be PITIED, not scorned.

This whole bit about her parents and her childhood trauma is particularly laughable and uninformed. Asuka didn't have a father, and her mother lost her soul, went mad, and not only neglected Asuka in favor of a lifeless doll, but she TIRED TO KILL ASUKA. She wanted Asuka to "die with her", and even hung the doll she'd thought WAS Asuka on a noose before hanging herself. Her mother didn't have to SAY "You're not good enough", "You've ruined my life" or "I should have aborted you" - her ACTIONS said all that to Asuka. To the perpective of Asuka (again, a literal child at the time), her mother stopped loving her and stopped thinking of her as anyone or anything that deserved her attention and affections. And then she went and hung herself on a day where Asuka had hoped she'd be proud of her. Can you not see how that'd mentally and emotionally DESTROY a child at that age? It's no wonder it effected Asuka's development as a person when she's now only 14 years old. There's so much to explain her psychological state of mind, personality and behavioral patterns aside from just the one-dimesnional "she's a selfish and bad person" that you believe in.

OK, you clearly passed up on "End of Evangelion". Or the manga adaptation. Or anything else with Asuka in it, ever. She gets plenty of growth and development by the end. Not all of it was positive, but all of it was meaningful to her character in some way. Just admit you hate teenage girls who act unashamedly proud, loud, obnoxious, and full of themselves at the expense of others and be done with it. We all know what this really is about.

And then you go and say Accelerator is a better written and more likable character than Asuka. You and your arguments' credibility are DEAD. Next time, have better comprehension skills and understanding of a character before judging that character?

TheIllIntent Jul 13, 2019

uncaringbear hit the nail on the head.

uncaringbear Jul 4, 2019

Sometimes characters are designed to be unlikeable or deeply flawed. They're given negative personlaity traits because they're meant to contrast with the other characters, and to push the story forward. I think a lot of people miss this point with Asuka. Just because she isn't adorable waifu material, it doesn't mean she isn't an effective and meaningful character.